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My beautiful grandson, Henry at one day old
My beautiful grandson, Henry, at one day old

On June 14th at 5:05am my first grandchild was born! From the amazing experience in the delivery room to diaper changes and daily updates, it is all a wondrous time of life that I am grateful for. My daughter and her husband are doing a great job and they are fortunate to have many family members close by, including me! While I have a demanding job, living less than two miles away certainly makes it convenient to visit and/or be helpful at the last minute…..

Will Grammy have fun shopping for baby clothes??? You betcha! As I browse through the tiny sweaters, knit caps, and booties, I can’t help but think of Ginger and remember some of her strong opinions….

– “Put a hat on the baby’s head!”…especially in the first few months, a baby is sensitive to cold and drafts and should always have a soft cotton cap on. Check.
– “Dress the baby for comfort!”….choose soft cotton fabrics in styles without anything binding, for baby girls, no headbands!….Check. (There will be plenty of time as adults to wear things that aren’t the most comfortable!)
– “Choose styles that are meant for children, not mini-adults.” Check. Notice pictures of the royal children, dressed in short pants, children’s shoes, not min-versions of what dad or mom would wear….I definitely prefer this style…just sayin’…..
– “The baby feels comforted by being wrapped papoose style.” Check. I did this for my children…

Hayley and Henry...so sweet.... Soft cotton baby jammies!
Hayley and Henry…so sweet….
Soft cotton baby jammies!
Happy family Henry in cotton cap, swaddled in cotton blanket - Ginger approved
Happy family
Henry in cotton cap, swaddled in cotton blanket – Ginger approved

Any advice for the new parents or for the new grandparents?

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