What Does Your Hair Say?

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Whether in a professional or a social setting, your hair is one of the first things people notice about you…..like the clothes on your back, your hair style and color sends a strong message that you may not even be aware of….it can be one of your best assets, or it can kill your whole look.

I have probably been in the ‘kill your whole look’ category a few times in my life….the horrible perms (what was I thinking??), the harsh black color, and most recently, the year I thought I’d look hot as a blonde…Ha!  As for the present, I think I have achieved a balance of chic/professional that is flattering for my age and doesn’t overpower my small face – it only took me 58 years!  And while I do have my hair colored every three weeks, daily maintenance is easy breezy – I can blow dry and finish with a flat iron all in 15 minutes.hair now

My three biggest hair pet peeves:

  1.  Really long, unlayered straight hair if you are over 10 years old.  Ok, ok, maybe over 14…..this means college gals, thirty somethings, and Demi Moores…..As the late Joan Rivers used to say, “GROW UP!”…..To me this hair style sends a message of insecurity, of being stuck in the past, afraid of change…..Ponytail?  Really?? Leave them for the kiddos…..If you just can’t bear to chop off your Rapunzel-like tresses, perhaps consider a chignon to convey a more sophisticated image….works at any age, especially if you have good facial bone structure.
No need for a ponytail! Nothing like a great cut.
No need for a ponytail! Nothing like a great cut.
Elegant way to wear long hair to work
Elegant way to wear long hair in a business setting

2. Dull gray hair on the under 75 set.  Heck, I don’t even like gray clothes – not a flattering color to the skin, so why on earth would you want it on your HEAD???  Message:  ‘Mature’….’Tired of trying’….’Don’t care.’….Now – like anything, there are always exceptions – some women are blessed with gorgeous white-gray hair, or a silky blend of silvers – these ladies are lucky to look chic with their natural gray…it even can send a message of confidence……Most ladies?? Nay to gray…… Sorry.  Not all gray hair is pretty. You are worth the expense and effort to look your best.

Gorgeous short gray hair....exception #1
Gorgeous short gray hair….exception example #1
Exception #2, my SIL Pretty straight gray hair.
Exception example #2, my sister-in-law Sheryl – Pretty straight gray hair.

3.  Perfect spiral curls.  You know the look – the long, big, wavy curls every twenty-something has when out on the town? (If not long and straight, haha)  It was pretty at first, but now has become ridiculously common – like Uggs on tweens….The messages:  ‘I am a follower.’  ‘I am married to my hair.’  ‘High maintenance.’ There are many pretty options for wavy and curly hair that don’t look like you spent your whole day glued to a curling iron….honestly, a ‘messier’, more touchable look is so much sexier.

Pretty layered style for long hair
Pretty layered style for long hair

Ok, now that I have possibly insulted you, remember that these are merely my opinions, no right or wrongs……..

Moving along on to some helpful tips to win you back……:-)

  • Don’t be afraid to change your hairdresser.  You spend a lot of time and money there….the service is not only about the haircut/color, it is about the relationship with your stylist.  It is also not about how flashy/trendy the salon is……Does your hairdresser really listen to you? Does he/she make good suggestions? Do you feel valued and pampered as a customer? If not, move on and stop worrying about hurting feelings – remember, you are paying for this!  Robert at Robert’s Salon in Belmont has been my stylist for over a year now – he listens, pays attention to details, and is talented with both cut and color.
  • Products can make a huge difference for shine and  softness:  Biosilk smoothing serum or Moroccan Oil are both great for thick hair (smells pretty too)…..Bumble and Bumble finishing spray for a great golden shine!  These products can be found at hair salons, drugstores, or  sometimes at TJMax!
  • Root concealers are tremendously effective in between color appointments.  After about ten days from my hair being colored the gray roots start to show and I pull out Bumble and Bumble hair powder (a matte finish spray) which washes out with shampooing…..another one I recently discovered at Sephora is Rita Hazan Root Concealer….it is also a spray but has a more natural feel/look than B&B – I love it!  Maybe I should order a 20 year supply….(or 25!)hair invest


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  • Older women with long, straight hair just screams “don’t care”. It seems to go with baggy, shapeless clothes.


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