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My pregnant daughter Hayley and I recently left the boys behind and ventured to The Chatham Bars Inn for a mother/daughter weekend away….on this delightful Saturday afternoon as we were headed back to our room, we decided to check out the spa, maybe to schedule manicures……well, we found other treats instead….first we lounged in the warm outdoor jacuzzi, soaking up the sun and sipping cucumber water…..verrry nice indeed……Hmmm, that woman over there, that doesn’t look like cucumber water….I believe she has wine…and cheese…..where did she get that??? I wrap myself in a towel, wandering through the perfectly manicured gardens and into the spa – Aha!! Look what I found Hayley – not only the wine: a jewelry trunk show!earrings The Beaded Wire sells sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earrings and bracelets in hundreds of shops throughout the US….all created by designer Jessica Gomes in her Cape Cod home! Earrings are on average $35/pair, an affordable price point for an elegant look.earrings 2

How about these Mom?
How about these Mom?

A simple sparkly earring is a great look for many occasions, whether with business attire or jeans and a tee!  My preference is for neutral colors, but some of the blue/green stones sure were tempting!

Perfect size, looks nice with my hair!
Perfect size, looks nice with my hair!

earrings 3My final selection – a white stone in a silver setting……the heck with the mani – it’s more fun to shop! :-)

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