Travelin’ Man

012 Here’s my man, waiting for his taxi, off to the West Coast for business….looking quite casual cool I must say so I had to snap some pictures…..believe it or not, he did not look so cool traveling in years gone by…….like many men headed to the airport, he was strictly focused on comfort….baggy jeans, gym sneakers (horrors!), and a heavy, bulky jacket……not anymore!  He has discovered the joy of simultaneous style and comfort!                                                                                                                                           002
Nothing so over the top here….instead of your typical horse or sheep logo shirts (get it?) the shirt is from All Saints, which has a ram skull  logo….’so what!’ you say?   It’s so much less commonplace, that’s a big deal to me….as for Peter, he loves the fit – tailored and slim, not meant for the portly….dark wash slim fit jeans by JCrew……007Now – there are sneakers and there are sneakers. Some should be worn only to the gym (or washing your car, or doing yard work)……Soccer dads, same goes for you – unless you are playing the sport, wear a fashion sneaker or a stylish shoe to the soccer field……these Cole Haan leather sneakers are so cool it’s hard to call them sneakers – I love the neutral color, hubby loves the comfort….

Horrors! Not with jeans!
Horrors! Great for running, not for wearing with jeans!

004 Finally, the ‘investment piece’….a John Varvatos olive leather jacket, not too bulky, but a perfect outer layer … looks great with black jeans and boots, or equally nice with jeans and a fashion sneaker…..

Check out the edgy skull buttons!!!!

skull buttons
Last but not least, you need a suitcase! In the very top photo you will catch a glimpse of a hard carry-on bag Peter recently picked up at TJMaxx….it is super lightweight and will keep your clothes dry in case the bag sits out in the rain….the verdict is not yet in…..Oh! Taxi is here!! Peter, where the heck is your scarf??? 😉

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  • Peter’s style has certainly changed since meeting you… he appreciates style more and has grown to really enjoy looking good. I’m curious to know if people have noticed… especially at work. Do his collegues/superiors treat him differently now that he looks like a high powered CEO? (They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have… wonder if Peter’s style has influenced his career!)

    • Whether it influences his career, yet to be determined…..yes, some at work have taken notice…:-)


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