What He Wore


Going out for sushi with friends…a “casual” night.  This is ‘what he wore’.  Not just casual – casual and cool! Peter never ceases to amaze me with the things he finds when I’m not looking….haha…


The shirt is a Ralph Lauren he discovered at TJMaxx, but what makes it especially cool is the slim fit…he tells me that you can’t rely on the label saying ‘slim fit’, you have to try it on as there are many variations on slim. (Not all RL labels are created equal!) Love the nautical belt, and the detail of mixing bracelets and watch. fullsizeoutput_1017



The chino shorts are by John Varvatos, found at the Nordstrom Rack  – one of Peter’s regular shopping spots.  Converse sneakers also by John Varvatos.  I like the casual style of the sneaker balanced with the dressier shorts – they keep the look from being predictable or overly preppy. Nice choice Peter!




A few days later there was an article in the ‘Off Duty’ section of the Wall Street Journal on mature men’s casual style…this illustration of bad style cracked me up as it looks so very familiar around town – the too big polo with baggy jeans and  – horrors – gym sneakers.  Not my guy!






Here’s another excerpt, more like something Peter would choose; layering a striped tee under a denim shirt.  If you’re going to wear a tee under a shirt, it should always be an interesting color, not plain white.  (Plain white says, “I’m old, I’m cold.”)

fullsizeoutput_1026 Here in a Peter Millar shirt, another great casual look worn with white jeans…and did you notice, both times the shirt is tucked in?  If a shirt is not too long Peter will go untucked at times for a more relaxed look. He likes both options.  Me too…..but if he asks me what I prefer?  Tucked in for sure.  More polished, more flattering – and I love interesting belts!

How about you? Do you prefer men’s shirts tucked or untucked?


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  • My men love the Untuckit brand of untucked shirts. They just came out with a women’s line. They aren’t cheap but they do have sales. Not every guy considers tucking in with a belt “casual”. Untuckits are the perfect alternatve.

    • Yes, I am aware of this brand. Not a fan myself but must admit it was a clever business idea!

  • I prefer men’s shirts tucked, but my husband (off duty, casual) likes untucked. I tell him he looks like a missionary in some tropical place. He has an interesting belt similar to Peter’s sailboats. It’s is also navy blue and has red lobsters on it. Looks great with so many of his summer clothes. Your great sense of style must have rubbed off on Peter – he always looks so fashion forward!


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