What He Wore

005 It’s Friday night, just past 7:00, finally feeling relaxed after a long work week….”Let’s go to Row 34 for lobster rolls!”, says Peter….he must have been reading my mind, because I was thinking the same thing….it’s a great Boston waterfront restaurant that often has a long wait for seats at the bar, but we were up for it…..”Casual, right?”, asked Peter….”Right,” I reply and begin to go fix my makeup and get ready…..I turn around a few minutes later and am quite surprised….that’s your “casual”???? I love it! Guess I married the right guy! 010 Some guys will complain if a dress code requires them to wear a jacket, my guy will wear a jacket when there is no requirement, and others may be in tee-shirts and hoodies….but this is no ordinary jacket, it is a Canali, an Italian silk/cashmere blend, soft as butter……it is a pricey label, Peter was lucky to find this discounted at The Nordstrom Rack in Burlington….(no, I wasn’t with him!)…..the shirt is also from The Rack, it is by Thomas Dean and has a unique white on white pattern that is not visible in the photos…..great fit too….013 Details, details…..the jeans are Levis 511’s, the belt is Lucky Brand…..and notice the silver and leather bracelets…..008 Black loafers are Robert Wayne, an edgy brand carried at Nordstrom’s…..009 And he wore a pocket square!!! Could I be any more in love??? Haha….seriously, notice the beautiful fabric of the jacket…001 It is no secret that I love a well-dressed man….but what is instantly apparent to me is not just the clothes, but what the clothes does to the man – Peter shines from inside when he likes what he has on, and the shine from inside is magnetic! Jeans and a white shirt = casual. Add a great jacket and interesting details = elegant casual.  That is appropriate anytime, anywhere – no need to wait for a dress code to dictate….:-)

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