What To Wear To Your Antibody Test

The simple answer: short sleeves. The ‘Candy Costas’ answer: something chic with standout style! Why not? Any excuse to wear a fun outfit and something other than sneakers…

Started with this Red Valentino ‘tee-shirt’ top which I found last year at Revolve…(Revolve, I MISS YOU!)…added black cropped flares with Chanel slingbacks, then what more do you need? 😉

You need a jacket, of course, and why not go BOLD! This red patent leather jacket is by Elie Tahari, such a fun piece!

Doesn’t matter that I’m only going to Quest Laboratory, it’s a change from the supermarket!

Yes, I have a mask – in leopard print thanks to daughter Hayley….now I am ready to hit the road…

If only we could stop at The Capital Grille for lunch…;-)

That’s ok, we are going out, and the sun is shining! 🙂

The Bottom Line: We chose to get the antibody blood test to see if either of us had COVID-19. Back in early March, Peter was sick with mild flu symptoms, and looking back we wondered if that was the coronavirus…if it was, it was quite likely that I also had it but displayed no symptoms. Not that it would change our behaviors much, but it would be good to know. Well, results are back: both of us negative for antibodies. Damn.

The Positive Side: Besides this being a chance to dress up a bit, we had a blast joking around with the phlebotomists in the lab – aside from being perfectly professional, they were delightfully funny with infectious laughs and equally enjoyed an opportunity for humor and conversation.

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead!

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  • You both look so happy to be going out. Tell Hayley she did a good job picking out your mask. It is so YOU.


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