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During the past ten weeks I have become sneaker obsessed, alternating different pairs with various ‘casual cool’ outfits…not talking about running sneakers, but slip-ons and what I would call fashion sneakers…a brand that I especially like is JSlides…you have seen me wear their basic white sneaker, and also the camel leather with tassels…it seemed time to update these basics, so I recently did some online shopping…here is how it played out…

My first try, seen above, is LOUISA…I loved the rich camel color, but when I tried them on they felt and looked a bit heavy…easy return, off to the UPS store they go…

My second try, LACEE, in “pink”…does this look pink to you? I did not want pink, but to me it looked more like a faded brick color, which I would like, so I gave it a try…well, in person, yeah, they looked more like pink. Off to the UPS store we go again…

Third try: LEYLA in what they call “blush”. Hmmm, will blush be pink too??? I loved the nubuck material and the natural leather welt with stitching…think I will go for it!!!

Definitely better more of a nude/beige than pink – whatever you call the color, it is a nice neutral! These are keepers! And what fun when in the middle of your workday new shoes arrive. 😉

They are super comfortable and run true to size…I like to tie them loosely and wear them as a slip-on…this style also gives you a bit of a lift with the 1″ sole…so why not get a second pair in white leather?


With all the changes in the world around us, I predict that this summer, more of us will be wearing sneakers more than ever before…not just sneakers with shorts, jeans, and leggings, but sneakers with skirts and dresses too…believe me, I LOVE high heels and look forward to wearing them again, but the current vibe seems to be understated chic or ‘casual cool’.

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead!

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  • I am loving sneakers right now too. I bought a pair about a year ago that I’ve been wearing on repeat. I told my husband they’re my dressy sneakers. They are from M. Gemi, a gray leather basket weave with gold eyelets for the laces. I love the pair you decided to keep.


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