White For All Seasons

Veronica Beard jacket, Wolford skirt, Stuart Weitzman shoes

As the autumn season is upon us, it’s time to reorganize your closet, put away the real summery clothes and pull out your sweaters and transition pieces…does this mean putting away all white items – “no white after Labor Day”??? I say NO WAY! White is a color for all seasons. Any color you wear should be because it looks good on you and you like it – not because a season dictates it. When you are packing away clothes for the season, it is more about the fabric: linens and cottons are generally best for warm weather, synthetics and wool blends appropriate year round – not just for personal comfort, but the ‘look’. White viscose jacket pictured above is by Veronica Beard, a brand I like to scoop up when it’s on sale at Viola Lovely in Concord…known for their sportswear that combines a classic yet ‘cool’ look with exceptional tailoring.005 This jacket has an asymmetrical zipper that can be worn completely open or all zipped up…another alternative would be to wear the jacket as a top, zipping up halfway, maybe showing a peek of a black lace cami…the sleeves have zippers too and after I got the jacket home I decided the sleeves were too long and oh no, it was a final sale, did I make a mistake???zipper-sleeve


Whew! – my tailor to the rescue!  I did not have to have the zippers removed, the sleeves were shortened with the zippers intact!  Jacques Tailoring, you are the best.







White cotton eyelet jacket, goodbye until next year…








White rayon blend sheath dress, staying in the closet to wear with boots and blazers…



And how about white jeans?? Keep wearing them, instead of with sandals, with boots or booties…I love white because it is less common, it stands out in the sea of black leggings and blue jeans.

How about you? Do you enjoy wearing white year round?

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  • You look awesome in white. I especially love the jeans. I very rarely wear white as I inevitably ruin anything white with some sort of stain. This happens especially at work where I’m primarily with 5 – 7 year olds:)


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