Who Am I?

My sister Shelley
My sister Shelley

A few months ago, my sister called me asking for my opinion on whether to by a certain blouse she found at Revolve….she described it as white with very faint pink stripes, Max Mara label, cap sleeves….said it fit perfectly……I said that it sounded pretty, a good basic, high quality label – get it!!! She still hesitated, then decided to text me a picture….when I saw the photo, it was clear – “Ohhh,” I said, “very pretty, but I wouldn’t buy it – it’s preppy. Not me. It that you?” She immediately responded, “I don’t know who I am.” And what a laugh we had. My guess is that many women feel the same way and that makes it difficult to look your best because you may stick to safe and easy choices. If I had to define my sister’s style it would be “Relaxed Western”….comfortable, soft clothes are a priority, nothing that looks high fashion or “trying too hard”, always an accessory that has a western feel, and lots of boots – in any season!

Relaxed Western; Pinterest photo
Relaxed Western; Pinterest photo….. Shelley style!

Now just because you like a certain look, it doesn’t mean you can’t mix in other styles – that preppy blouse would have looked great with dark jeans, a great belt and cowboy boots. Overdoing one style can look too forced, or like a costume….
So how do you figure out “who you are”? Start by identifying outfits that you feel your best in….Then, what types of clothes are you most often drawn to? Print out pictures from online shops….. Look beyond Pinterest which often focuses on outfits for 100lb twenty-somethings that have no problem wearing stilettos all day……..store catalogues are a good place to look, some magazines, and especially real people in real life! When you notice someone that you admire their look, pay attention to the details – what accessories, what jacket, what shoes, even hair and makeup……..
Are you: Classic? Chic? Relaxed? Bohemian? Edgy? Probably you lean more heavily in one or two categories….

Vicky, co-worker sporting a Bohemian look
Vicky, co-worker sporting a subtle Bohemian look

Vicky is usually “Relaxed Classic” in her style of dress….on this day, she looked different and a few of us commented on how nice she looked – turns out she treated herself to a new blouse from J.Jill for her birthday – went for a more feminine style and added the delicate necklace and hoop earrings – very pretty and work appropriate.

So!  Who are YOU?

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