Winter Whiteout

Theory sheer wool sweater (TJMaxx), Calypso cords, Stuart Weitzman boots, Rag and Bone hat
Theory sheer wool sweater (TJMaxx), Calypso cords, Stuart Weitzman boots, Rag and Bone hat
Ivory and gold scarf, was a gift
Ivory and gold scarf , Nordstroms

Will winter ever end??? Will the snow ever stop?? How many layers can I fit under my coat?? Do I still need to dress in proper business clothes in this wintry weather? I am so sick of wearing sweaters! Enough of these darn boots!……On the weekend evening seen above, my gripe of the moment was, “I am so sick of wearing black and my black boots!!” Please! Let there be light!…as I reached for the ivory sweater and winter white cords….such a thin sweater needed a cami underneath for warmth, then a lightweight yet cuddly ivory and gold scarf….ok, feeling a bit better…..even wearing the luggage colored leather boots was a nice change….

Warm as toast in Ginger's mink
Warm as toast in Ginger’s mink

Still need to be warm, top layer was Ginger’s mink which I had restyled last year – SO HAPPY WITH RESULTS!  The coat fits me better, and they created a fabulous collar which is way warmer than the silly mandarin style it previously had….check out ‘Forever Furs’ post for details about where I had it done….OK…..We still have to deal with winter weather, and YES, if you work in a proper business environment you must still dress properly – not looking like you were outfitted from L.L.Bean!
There are things you can do to stay warm and still look professional:

– Wool socks! I actually have been wearing my ski socks under my high heeled black boots – nobody would know!
– Layer up! Try to wear three layers under your coat, a fitted camisole, a shirt or turtleneck, a blazer or cardigan.
– Men: why not wear thin long underwear under those dress pants?
– Always a scarf.  Always.
– Almost always a hat – I say almost because hubbie tells me if your hair is thin you easily get ‘hat head’. I have very thick hair so not usually a problem for me, but some hats will flatten less than others – try different styles till you find what works for you.

What is your winter wardrobe challenge?




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