Yay or Nay?

Have you ever put on a new item of clothing and wonder if you made a big mistake? And even worse – if it was a final sale or for some reason not returnable you might even try to talk yourself into it? Well, ladies, your opinions are needed! I recently bought a new pair of jeans that I am afraid could be all wrong for me…

My search was for loose fitting ‘boyfriend’ jeans, something different from all the skin tight ultra skinny jeans in my closet…with plenty of time to shop in Stowe recently, I found just what I was looking for in one of my favorite shops, Green Envy (Peter was not with me when I bought them)…

Can’t wait to wear my new jeans! On a recent Saturday night I decided to wear them out to dinner with friends…when I put them on, I wasn’t 100% confident that I loved them, but decided that I just needed to get used to the new fit and lighter wash…I styled them with a fitted black top and high heeled boots, balancing the very relaxed style of the jeans. “This is a hip, cool look,” I thought to myself…Well, the expression on Peter’s face, however, was a whole different story. “What???” I said. “You don’t like them?” Long pause…”You look great, but, no, I don’t like them.” :-0

Fast forward, we are now out to dinner with our friends, having a fun night, jeans forgotten, especially since you can’t see them when you are seated at a table…later in the evening my daughter Hayley and her husband joined us for dessert and drinks – yay, the more the merrier! As the evening was ending, and we were all getting up from the table, I stood up and showed Hayley my jeans, asked her what she thought…

I quote: “NO! NO!, Oh definitely NO!”


Help me ladies! What do YOU think?

Edwin brand jeans

‘Boyfriend jeans’ or ‘brother-in-law’ jeans’???

Fitted enough through the backside, but loose in the legs…

Something’s just not right – maybe it’s the color?

When I tried them on for my sister the next day, there was finally a glimmer of hope…she said that she loved them, she thought they were a nice change from skinny jeans…then her boyfriend said, “They look comfortable.

They look comfortable????  Oh no…

Help me ladies! Yay or nay?? Should I keep them or take them to Revolve?

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  • With this kind of styling, I do think they stand out as a fish out of water. I think they would be fine if you didn’t try to make them too sexy. Why not a white shirt, more casual boots or bootie. Or around the house, a fitted flannel shirt or turtleneck/sneakers

    • Thanks for the tips – it seems that these jeans may not be for me – I don’t even own a flannel shirt! Hahahaha!

  • They look better in these photos than they do in person… I think styled differently I would like them, but I don’t like them with this top.

  • They make you look at least 15lbs heavier. This is what jeans looked like when women and men wore the same cut. Sorry, but no.

  • They are great for hanging out, or out casual, however, I would not wear them as a “flattering, dressy” jean, they would also be better with a longer shirt or sweater that covers the waist area. I say keep them for comfort and casual, they look very comfortable and sometimes we just want comfort when casually out, but yes, I agree with the majority, not for an evening out.

  • Hi Candy,
    Greetings from the West Coast! We met long ago in tango class. I love getting your emails and so enjoy your wonderful spirit in addition to your sense of style.
    As for these jeans, however, they might be perfect with a white T and sneakers,
    in the daytime!

    • I remember you Judy! Thank you so much for leaving a comment – it means a lot to know people are reading…as for the jeans, they gotta go! 😉


  • I’m thinking they might go with a white t-shirt and sneakers for a day at the park?? Otherwise, they are not what I’m used to seeing you wear.

  • I think you were too quick to get rid of the jeans, and I agree with those who suggested a different top.

    • I hear you. When I got home from work yesterday I tried them on one more time and I could not stand how they felt…couldn’t get them off fast enough…Oh well!


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