Anything But Ordinary

It was an ordinary Friday night after a long work week…time to get dressed for the evening, as Peter was on his way home and we would be heading out for dinner…any casual outfit would do, but I was in the mood to kick it up a bit, to set the tone for a fun night…

Why not wear shorts with tights? 🙂 These Tibi black leather shorts are a great wardrobe piece – one of my best ever finds at Revolve! They can be worn year round, and in so many different ways…with bare legs or tights, with high heels or sneakers, with a blazer and/or a sexy top, with a tee shirt or a button up shirt – the possibilities are endless and the look is always unique…

On this night I styled them with tights by Wolford…they are probably ten years old, yet just as fabulous now as they were when new…to keep the look somewhat understated for a casual night, I opted to balance the sexy bottom with a conservative top, a loose fitting cashmere turtleneck, half tucked in the front…

On the feet, classic black suede boots by Aquatalia…

Side note: When planning an outfit to wear to dinner with friends, I will rarely wear the most interesting pieces from the waist down, but instead choose a top and accessories that stand out in some way – sitting at a table, it’s what you have on top that people see…However – since this was a night for just the two of us, and we always sit at the bar…

…it wasn’t the black turtleneck that caught Peter’s eye. 😉

Just because it’s an ordinary Friday night doesn’t mean you have to look ordinary!

What do YOU wear when you feel like dressing for fun?

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