15 Simple Pleasures

When your are days are consumed managing work, raising a family, or perhaps juggling both, it can be easy to be so focused on “must do” tasks that the simple pleasures of life pass us by….I would often criticize Ginger for spending so much time cleaning the house at the expense of less time doing pleasurable things – she claimed that a clean house (actually meticulous) gave her pleasure – no arguing with that I suppose, different strokes for different folks……and oh how they may change as the years go on……..how about………

– that first cup of coffee in the morning
– the smell of the air on a crisp fall day
– hearing a beautiful song that stays with you…

– Brigham’s vanilla ice cream
– a book you can’t put down
– an unexpected compliment
– a hot shower when you’re exhausted
– dancing in the kitchen

-taking off your BRA at the end of the day! (Ahhhh)
– taking off your shoes at the end of the day (almost as good!)
– collapsing into bed at night, especially with clean sheets

-falling asleep to the sound of crickets
– finally hitting the bathroom when you have held your bladder for hours
– making a baby smile

– hearing your son/daughter say “thanks mom”


Flowers on my front steps - daily joy!
Watering and talking to the flowers on my front steps – daily joy!

There are so many more!!! Please tell me your top three!!!

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  • 1) When my kids run to me screaming as I arrive for their school pickup.
    2) When my kids do nice things to/for each other. (My 5 year old told my 3 year old he loved her this morning for no reason)
    3) Getting up a 1/2 hour earlier than the house to have my tea and watch one of my DVR’d shows alone. in the quiet. in the dark. :)

  • 1. Napping with my cat. 2. Going on a long walk by the river. 3. Eating a just-picked apple with a hunk of cheddar cheese.


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