3 Ways to Wear OTK Boots

Truth be told, I resisted ‘over the knee’ boots for some time.  Didn’t feel I would wear them much, and thought they were only for casual wear, best suited for young gals in mini skirts. Well, I was wrong! Once I tried them on in the Stuart Weitzman store I was instantly sold by the ‘wow’ factor – not to mention that they were super comfortable and came in a fabulous rich shade (‘walnut’) that would complement my wardrobe and favorite color schemes. Here are three very different ways I have worn them already…024
Unless you work in a business formal setting, OTK boots are an appropriate option if styled tastefully. Wearing opaque tights is a must to avoid too much skin exposure, and a conservative blazer balances the casual look. This tiger print merino wool knit dress is by DVF; found last year at Revolve in Belmont Center.030

2.  WITH SKINNY JEANS OR LEGGINGS To put OTK boots on over jeans, you fold the top half completely down, step into the boot, then roll the rest of the boot up over your knees – easy! And if you are petite, they really make your legs look long – at barely 5’3″, that works for me, especially without having to wear a super high heel…This walnut color looks just as nice with black jeans and a black sweater/tunic or with blue jeans and a white shirt.031



Abbeline shirt from South Moon Under, AG leather skirt from Olive and Bettes

On Pinterest you will see young ladies wearing OTK boots with LOTS of thigh showing – for me, I felt comfortable with just a peek! The short leather skirt just barely met the top of the boots, revealed more skin when I sat down…it felt sexy, yet age appropriate – fun for a night out with hubbie! Wearing a scarf and a long coat (not shown) balances skin exposure…003
Would you wear over the knee boots? How do you like them best?

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