The Rebirth of a Burberry Scarf

When you splurge on an article of clothing or an accessory it is usually with the idea that it will last for years, therefore being an ‘investment piece‘.  You may have noticed that I splurge on Burberry scarves, and definitely consider them a good value for the amount of enjoyment derived on a regular basis (no comments Peter!).   About two months ago I was in the Burberry store in Burlington, shopping for a gift, looking for the original plaid in a lightweight cashmere blend, a style I own in both camel and ivory.  That exact style was no longer was available, but there were plenty of other options to choose from.  As I was making my purchase I mentioned that my ivory cashmere was one of my favorites, but has gotten ‘pilly’ over the years…Without missing a beat the salesperson replied, “Just bring it in, we will repair it for you.”  Repair a scarf???  Really?  Great, let’s see what they can do, there’s nothing to lose!

Fast forward a few weeks, I received an email from the shop that my scarf was back to the store, “it looks GREAT and we will now send it out for professional dry cleaning.”  All complimentary. For a scarf that was purchased over five years ago.


Look what soon shows up at my home!img_6220




My old scarf, in perfect condition, presented in beautiful packaging, with a handwritten thank you note.

Now that’s customer service!  When you pay a high price for something  – whatever it may be – one of the benefits is knowing that a luxury brand will stand by their product.  Thank you Burberry!


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  • this is very helpful to know….. quite a customer service plus!!!!

    yes, great customer service makes or breaks an organization.

    value the product and value the customer… they have a customer for life!

  • I have a Burberry cashmere scarf from probably 15 years ago. I had no idea that I could get it repaired! I am going to do this!! (And I love your Burberry scarf collection).


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