Lesson in Leopard


Classic, sexy, and a basic neutral all in one – gotta love leopard prints! You can enjoy this look in everything from shoes, scarves, dresses, coats, belts, and more, yet paying attention to how you style leopard will make all the difference.  A few pointers:

  • Be aware that there are many variations in color and contrast in the print.  For more of a wow factor, choose a print that has significant contrast between the spots and the background.
  • If you like mixing prints, try leopard with plaid, polka dots, or stripes.
  • Most leopard prints look great with black, white, tan, and/or red.  Hot pink is another fun color to pair it with.
  • ONE leopard piece at a time. Don’t match leopard belt with leopard shoes or scarf!

010 Hard to believe I had no leopard sweaters in my closet! Thrilled to discover this fine wool cardigan by Milly at Revolve in Lexington.  I like the bold colors, the slim fit, the black jet buttons…Perfect over a white cotton shirt, topped with a classic Versace belt. 006 Keeping the lines clean, a simple black pencil skirt and plain black tights…to add a bit more drama, Kate Spade suede pumps with crystal heels.004 Nobody knows but me (ok, now you) the insane amount of leopard print I have in my closet and at home. Even my two year old grandson will see leopard and say “Gigi”!  Haha. But I am good. Only one piece at a time. ;-)

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  • I love leopard prints. But I mainly stick to shoes and purses (never together though;) Love the entire outfit but those shoes are killer!


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