5 September Closet Tips

When you open your closet, what do you see? A mish-mush of crowded items or well-organized pieces according to style or color? Clothes for multiple seasons or just one? Can you find things easily? Ginger certainly could. Her closets were always organized, season appropriate, never crowded, easy to access….I don’t come close to being as neat as she was, but heck, that was her full time job: homemaker! For those of us that work – men and women alike – it makes sense to overhaul your closet with every season change…..go through everything, re-organize, and get rid of things you don’t really love……September is here, “back to school” season – perfect time for closet cleaning as you update your fall wardrobe….

5 Ginger inspired tips:

    • Pack away the clothes that scream summer, such as lightweight cottons and linens, sundresses, straw bags. It is more about the fabric than the color –  colors are season-less!  Don’t pack away your white jeans – they look great with boots, sweaters, leather jackets…..
    • Inspect your boots.  Take out your boots from last year and inspect the heels, soles – are they looking worn? Run, don’t walk to the nearest cobbler and get them ready for fall.
    • Empty out your pantyhose drawer – check every single pair you have and get rid of those with snags, pulls, or those you never found comfortable.
    • Update your hangers…..recycle or trash all wire hangers and cheap plastic hangers that bend when clothes are on them…..go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a few sets of sturdy wooden hangers and plenty of padded hangers. Nice hangers are nice to your clothes!
    • Take inventory of your basics:  tights, pencil skirts, white shirts, jackets, etc…..this will be hugely helpful to do BEFORE you hit the mall – so you know what you need and what to shop for.


Best to do all this when you aren’t in a rush – for me it’s a Saturday afternoon….time well spent because when Monday morning rolls around it makes getting dressed so much easier….now go throw out those wire hangers!!! 😉

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