5 Ways To Become More Youthful


A recent article in The Boston Globe by Beth Teitell, ‘How to Look 7 Years Younger’, caught my attention and was fun to read… Beth shared some immediate fixes:

  • Bleach your teeth.
  • Color your hair.
  • Subtle use of botox/fillers.
  • Update your wardrobe.

Other fixes that take more time:

  • Skin care.
  • Exfoliate.
  • Exercise.
  • Get enough sleep.

All good advice yet what especially hit home was how she ended the article:  “The real goal isn’t looking younger, its to become a more youthful person.”   BINGO!

First of all, looking ‘young’ isn’t always a good thing – remember pimples, remember your lack of confidence?  Some things do improve with age!  Sure, some people – men and women alike – are simply gorgeous in their youth, but not all!  And sometimes those that were wallflowers in their younger days actually blossom in middle age…

What does it mean to become more youthful?  Just like children, to be engaged in life, to be interested in trying new things, being aware of the world around you, and staying active. 

Five tips to get you started:

  1. Invite friends over – remember how excited you or your children would get when a ‘playdate’ was arranged?  When was the last time you took the initiative to have a few people over for a night of drinks, food, and conversation?  It need not be costly or labor intensive – even a pizza night can be fun – the whole purpose is the socialization.
  2. Accept invitations – this might sound overly simplistic, but I’ll bet you have turned down invitations or put off setting a date to see someone because it may be inconvenient, you think you will be too tired, or you don’t have anything to wear. GO! Say YES.
  3. Try a new game – games aren’t only for children, go to your local toy store and you can find many different games that are fun for adults.  We were recently given a game as a gift that has been lots of fun – it’s called ‘The Game of Nasty Things’ – sold at Target…there are cards with topic questions (for example, ‘things a teacher should never say’)…everyone writes down their answers then the moderator reads all the answers and you have to guess who said what – HILARIOUS!  Even more fun when drinking…;-)
  4. Don’t relax on vacations – I must start by giving credit to my hubby for this one; before we met I did plant myself for hours on a beach lounge chair –  those days are gone and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Peter always packs a football, and depending on whether we are driving or flying, maybe a bocce and/or paddle ball set.  Play a game you like, take a walk, talk to people. Save the book for the airplane or a cold winter night.  Save the nap for the nursing home.
  5. Dress up – remember the fun of playing ‘dress up’ as a kid? How about the excitement of wearing your first strapless dress or your first pair of high heels?  Just because we live in a very casual society –  just because dress codes don’t require you to dress up – just because your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t dressing up – doesn’t mean you can’t!!!  Wear clothes that put a smile on your face!  Wearing stylish, fun clothing will affect how you feel, which can have an impact on how you relate to people, how you live.

This photo is of my 86 year old father dancing my sister into the wedding reception of his grandson.  What was even more amazing  was seeing him vigorously dancing to Pitbull at 10:30pm!  Talk about youthful!!!

OK, let’s hear from you!  

  • How do you stay youthful?  
  • Who is the most youthful person you know over age 50? 

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  • I’ve always admired a couple I know, because they’re so active. We went out on Christmas eve, then they were dropping me off and proceeding on to a gathering at her boss’ house that was a LONG drive. I had opted out of that due to fatigue. I knew they were tired too, but when I asked if they were going because she felt obligated to her boss, she said no, it was that she and her husband made a policy years ago that they would NEVER turn down an invitation. What a nice idea!

    • It definitely helps a bit if you have a partner to push you at times when you may opt to be lazy! Thanks for sharing.


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