The Fanny Pack Is Back

I didn’t own one then, and I don’t own one now, but they’re baaaack and they are selling out of stores! Really?  This is my memory of a fanny pack:

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Or something like this:

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They were usually worn strictly for function, by those who would also wear baggy elastic waist shorts, with their white ‘gym’ sneakers and bright white socks.  Ahhh, the American tourist.  Well, although this tourist character and the ugly pouches are surely still around, fanny packs have expanded into the high fashion industry and can be seen on celebrities around the world.  Would I wear one? Would YOU wear one?  Ok, I’ll go first!

Yes.  I would wear one in select situations when I wanted my hands free, much in the same way I enjoy a cross body bag.  Perhaps out shopping on the weekend, or strolling around the city.  What I see as somewhat different (than a cross body) is that a fanny pack is attached to your body, so it really needs to be a deliberate part of your outfit…I wouldn’t wear a statement belt and a fanny pack – often called ‘belt bags’ now.  SO. If it is part of your outfit, you select it as a stylish accessory, which rules out the nylon zipper pouches of days gone by…

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I like this brown leather bag because it is flat and would not add a giant lump to your body. Credit card, license, keys, lipstick, and cell phone. Fini.

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Ok! Now even better! A dressier belt bag by Chanel…especially great for the young set heading out to crowded bars and nightclubs…for an old chick like me, there are times when Peter and I are out and there is music/dancing – this would be much safer than leaving a clutch on the floor, right? (Don’t worry Peter, I haven’t bought it…)  And depending on your budget, it need not be Chanel…I will be keeping my eye out for other stylish options!                                                                                                                                                                 .
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Another trend with these bags is wearing them cross body style, as seen above. Looks odd and uncomfortable to me but I suppose it depends on the bag.

OK ladies! (And gents??)  Now it’s time to hear from you!  Did you wear one then? Would you wear one now? 

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  • Nope… didn’t wear one then. Wouldn’t now. The caveat to that is I’m bigger around the middle and I think they just make a bigger middle look even bigger. For “hands free”, I would much prefer a smaller cross body

  • Wore one years ago… when travelling…
    Would not wear one now.. the brown across the body is not bad…
    I have found a very slim nylon back pack that I often wear when traveling …
    And walking around touring all day.. other wise not a style I like…

  • Didn’t wear one then, but I bought one this past weekend…thinking it would be good for an upcoming fall trip to Europe. It’s a navy quilted “belt bag” from Vera Bradley. I’m not sure I’ll keep it… how would you style if wearing with pants and a crew or v-neck sweater?

    • Sounds very cute, I love navy! It might be tricky with a sweater unless the sweater is thin enough to tuck in. Another option would be to wear it belted over the sweater, that could look nice if not too bulky. Option to sweater: try a tucked in turtleneck with a cropped leather jacket. I bet you will be thrilled to be hands free in Europe!

  • Did not wear one then. Wouln’t wear one now- even Chanel or Gucci. For a hand free day, I prefer a leather cross body bag.


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