8 Tips to Wearing Linen

white linen shirt
White linen shirt from Calypso

In the summer months when the sun is blazing, you can’t beat the casual elegance of linen…..it’s cool it’s comfortable, it is summer style at its best……

    1. Accept the wrinkles as part of the natural charm of this fabric….iron before you wear it, then embrace the character as the day goes on.
    2. Avoid wearing linen head to toe….If you are wearing a linen blazer, wear a bottom in a polished cotton or a synthetic blend.
    3. Do look for linen blend fabrics….linen blended with wool, silk, or cotton is more formal and easier to incorporate into business attire.
    4. Linen is perfect choice for weekend/vacation wear: add a straw tote, strappy flat sandals, and off you go!
    5. Linen can be acceptable in a business casual setting, depending on the style and  when paired with the right shoes and accessories. Nothing easier than throwing on a linen dress on a hot day….
    6. A ‘must have’ in your summer closet is a white linen shirt (see top pic)…..looks great with black, khaki, with jeans, with a denim skirt.  I love this understated look!
    7. A ‘must have’ for your hubby is also white linen shirt – so sexy with the sleeves rolled up!
    8. Avoid the ‘crunchy’ linen look:  baggy, shapeless, elastic waist, worn with clogs or other ‘comfort’ shoe.

      Linen coat, worn to work…
No linen underneath!
No linen underneath!

This white linen coat is a unique piece found at Revolve in Belmont….it makes a dramatic statement and is a nice alternative to a white blazer….to balance the loose coat, slim separates underneath: taupe tank by Wolford, rayon skirt by Agnes B (it was actually Ginger’s!)…..beige suede wedges (Stuart Weitzman) are comfortable without crunch and business casual appropriate.

Summer is the season for linen – embrace the wrinkles and enjoy!!!


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  • I love linen in the summer and wear it all the time. Actually, I can wear it in the spring and fall as well due to the fact that it’s still in the 80’s and 90’s here. The only thing that’s different is that in the fall, I wear darker colors. Your lipstick in the first picture looks awesome:)

  • I wear linen any time it’s hot outside, it’s so comfortable! If a buy linen pants that are lined, I always remove the lining. I wash most linen (except lined jackets), even when the label says dry clean only. I only ever ruined a garment once in the past 30 years, fortunately a skirt that I bought at the thrift shop. Garments that have been washed a lot can get very soft, so don’t need to be ironed. Of course I’m talking about casual wear. That is a lovely shirt, it looks great on you.

    • Interesting that you remove the lining from linen pants! I don’t like lined pants either, but never thought to do that – thanks for sharing!

  • love the white linen shirt…is it a blend? looks great…where did you get it?


    • It is 100% linen, from Calypso….they have a shop on Newbury Street in Boston, one in Chestnut Hill….or you can order online. Their clothes run generous, I got the extra small in this shirt, most labels I am a small….

    • Lined pants may drape nicely, but lining linen pants defeats the HUGE purpose of linen, which is to be cool and comfortable on HOT summer days.


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