My Buffet Aversion

people-in-line-at-food-buffetLet me start by saying that Ginger would be 100% with me on this.  She detested and avoided buffets as I do.  Regardless of whether it is at The Four Seasons or The Olive Garden, I will politely decline…..(ok, maybe not so politely).  Why the strong aversion? Glad to share………

  • Service please!  When I am going out to a restaurant, part of the enjoyment is being waited on. To sit and be served…..not to juggle a small bowl with a large plate, and how the heck do I manage this mimosa….no.  I am paying for the whole experience, not only the food.
  • Pacing, pacing.  You are taken to a table, your ass barely hits the chair before you are directed to head to the buffet….whoa!  Slow down, buddy! Especially at breakfast, let me enjoy my coffee first…..don’t pour the coffee to get cold while we are standing in the omelet line……let there be interludes of conversation, moments to enjoy the surroundings, time to breathe….
  • Cold french toast.  When I am foregoing my healthy habits to indulge in a high carb breakfast, it damn well better be prepared fresh and be hot…..never is the quality of a waffle, pancake, or french toast up to par when it has been sitting in a heated silver dish.  No thank you.
  • Leads to overeating.  Who on earth goes up to a buffet and has one egg, one slice of wheat toast with a side of fruit salad?  Why would you pay the buffet price for that? The vast majority PILE up their plates with ridiculous, unhealthy portions…..even those of us that try to limit selections and portion size often fail under the circumstances…….while I have fallen prey to taking more than I should, it actually kills my appetite to see oversized people filling up oversized plates.

Yeah, I really hate buffets…..with that said, there are occasions on vacation when I will ‘go with the flow’ at breakfast…..but never ever ever for lunch or dinner……Give me a menu please….bring me a reasonable portion presented aesthetically on the plate, with attentive service……..waiter fancy Ok! Let’s hear from you now!!!

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  • I agree with you. I have been to buffets where I’ve still ordered just oatmeal off their regular menu.

  • I agree 100% about buffets. Breakfast is the ONLY time I would ever eat at a buffet. The first week of June we went to Palm Beach and stayed at a fabulous 5 star resort. Breakfast was included with our room. The first morning I got the buffet (I had never seen so much delicious looking food in my life) but as you said, who pays buffet prices (in this case $40/each) to eat a piece of toast and yogurt? The remaining mornings I ordered off the menu. And yes, the French toast was steaming hot.

  • Not to mention the lack of sanitation. Even buffets in very nice places. People can be very careless about it. If anything drops, they won’t take it themselves, but think nothing of putting it back for the next person! Though I once stayed in a mid-priced motel that had an employee standing at the breakfast buffet, explaining the rules to everyone before they got started. I felt much safer there.

  • My husband was complaining about the new fad of restaurants where you grill your own steak. Solely for your #1 gripe: He is paying for someone else to prepare his meal, someone trained to prepare it perfectly for him (paying customer)!


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