Just Like Jammies

002 Some of us like to spend a good part of the weekend lounging at home in ‘jammies’, others do their weekend errands in ‘athleisure‘…..either way,  the main goal is obviously comfort above all else……well, as I have said before, no need to sacrifice style for comfort….in this black cotton jumpsuit by Splendid, you might as well be in your PJs!  Found this a few months ago at the Splendid shop at The Street in Chestnut Hill….what’s so great about it?

  • It’s as simple as throwing on a dress – no need to coordinate a whole outfit.
  • Great for traveling.
  • You don’t feel ‘over-exposed’ because your legs are covered up.
  • It’s easy to add layers; a camisole underneath and/or a sweater/jacket on top.
  • Shoe choice is endless (just avoid gym sneakers and flip flops!).  Here are three I like…..

silver sneakersMetallic fashion sneakers, by Joseph Seibel, adds an urban feel…a canvas Converse would be just as cute….008 Another shoe option that is perfect are these red Arche wedges…..very much Ginger-inspired….014 Last but not least, two-toned espadrilles….Tory esp 2 Aren’t these so ‘Chanel’?  They are actually Tory Burch….what I like about them is the Tory logo is barely noticeable (black on black on the toe)…..so chic and like wearing slippers – perfect to go with your ‘jammies’!020 There is one little negative to wearing a jumpsuit…..have you already thought of it???  Yeah, going to the bathroom……;-)

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  • HAHA
    That was my first thought but it is soooo darn cute.
    Love your style.

  • My first thought too! But very cute outfit; I am smitten on the Tory Burch shoes


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