A Tolerable Turtleneck

BCBG sweater, Tribe jacket, Joana Baraschi skirt
BCBG sweater, Tribe jacket, Joana Baraschi skirt

Ginger loved turtlenecks, especially as she got older, felt that they were a clever way to hide an aging neck….yessiree, it works for sure….but for me, it must be loose enough and/or soft enough so I do not feel that I am choking….this cropped sweater by BCBG fits the bill!  Another plus is that it is sleeveless and cropped, so does not add bulk in places that would make you look like the Michelin man…..just a great cozy turtleneck to flatter the face, in a fabulous shade of “curry red”……..while you won’t usually catch me wearing red on top of black, this shade is more coral/orangey, so I went for it! (Sometimes I break my own rules….haha…)008 Because it is quite cropped, to work it must be worn with a high-waisted skirt………close of gloves Leaving the house at the crack of dawn means a frosty start and a cold steering wheel, so time to pull out the Sermoneta driving gloves…..check out their unique shop on Newbury Street!…. the plaid tights by Wolford perfectly breaks up all the solid color – they are fairly heavyweight, durable, and quite comfortable…..suede boots with gold buckles adds more visual interest rather than plain booties….

On a different day this was perfect layered over a black long sleeved top….added color and texture while keeping me toasty, again without too much bulk….Ralph Lauren belt with brass buckle was a favorite of Ginger’s……BCBG and burberry Yeah, a cropped wool turtleneck without sleeves at first may seem impractical, but it worked! Always good to try something different…… maybe a last minute Christmas gift for the person that has enough ‘regular’ sweaters???


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