The Floppy Bow


Simple details can often make a big impact and change the whole look of an outfit…..take this black silk bow for example:  just looking at it makes me want to start speaking in French! It is a very European look, something very Ginger-inspired and a bit Kate Spade-ish…..while I inherited and enjoy wearing a cravat that was Ginger’s, a black floppy bow was on my recent radar…….one December Saturday while poking in shops on the Upper East Side, I saw this bow displayed on a plaid flannel shirt – Ooh!  “Is this black bow part of the shirt or is it sold separately?,” I asked.  “It is sold separately.”  Yahoo! I’ll take it!

134tie As you can see, it is really nothing more than a double sided strip of black silk – if you have any sewing skills at all, you could make this yourself  for next to nothing….




On this particular day I was attending a holiday lunch in Cambridge, so was going for a more festive look than usual work attire….this simple ivory silk blouse from JMcLaughlin was  perfect for the the bow and also a nice contrast to the body conscious Anna Molinari skirt with velvet and pleat details….114 With insanely mild temperatures, no need for a coat, but a boiled wool jacket with ruffle trim was just right! Found this jacket many years ago at Anthropologie; they often have unique jackets that are great for business casual wear…….

While this outfit started with the floppy bow, it ended with a scarf….a wool coral floral found last year at Revolve…..and to complete the French influence – a Chanel bag of course!

Ginger's Chanel, still looks like new
Ginger’s Chanel, still looks like new
Bows are not for everyone. You probably either love them, or would never ever consider wearing one….how about you? Would you – could you – wear a bow? Tell me, I would love to know! 😉

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