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015 Tis the season for parties and the fun of dressing up! During the week, on the weekends, with friends and/or coworkers, party season is in full swing…..this outfit is what I wore to my recent work holiday party, the dress code being ‘cocktail attire’……it is a perfect example of mixing old with new and pricey with bargains….you wonder about a strapless dress for a work party? Not all would be suitable, but it is perfectly appropriate as long as it is not too short, not too tight, and not too revealing on top….christmas party Ok, can you guess what is the splurge here and what is the bargain???? If you guessed the dress is the bargain you are right! The dress is JCrew, found earlier this year at Revolve in Lexington for about $50!!! The sheer black scarf was also at Revolve, under $20….it was May when I saw these items, I was not looking for a ‘special dress’ but knew it was too elegant to pass up….OK – you are likely wondering, what is the splurge? The SHOES! They are Manolo Blahniks, my very first pair! Red suede, sexy (even on my wide feet with bunions), and surprisingly comfortable…….

Manolo Blahniks, Saks Fifth Avenue
Manolo Blahniks, Saks Fifth Avenue

Taking a simple dress like this allows you to add your own personal style with accessories….the elbow length leather gloves (old, from Nordstroms) added drama, and the chunky rhinestone bracelet worn on the outside added movie star glam! (Yes, I took them off for dinner….)close up What else adds to a perfect party outfit? Lashes and glowing skin! For any occasion where you want to look your most glamorous, pop into CVS for some $5 fake lashes….they come in many different styles depending on whether you want a natural look or obvious drama (I usually go somewhere in the middle)… takes a awhile to get the hang of applying them, but once you do, it can be done in less than ten minutes…..Finally – you want your shoulders, arms, and legs to glow like a goddess – no need to use self tanners and show up at the party looking all streaked; use Lorac tinted moisturizer and you will look like the gals on ‘Dancing with the Stars’!  party 2 Any parties this weekend?? Still not sure what you are wearing? Something in your closet could look completely new by adding a fun shoe or festive accessories…….tis the season to kick up the bling!  🙂

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