Christmas Traditions

tree Whether you are 18 or 80, there is ‘comfort and joy’ in following holiday traditions, however simple they may be…..the time frame when you put up your tree, the foods you serve on the holiday, the decorations in your home, to name a few……One tradition in my family is dinner out (somewhere festive) with my sister and father – just the three of us – a tradition we have been observing for over 40 years….40 years!….amazing how time passes……this actually started when my sister and I were in high school and we would go out with my dad to help him buy gifts for my mother.  (With plenty of advance guidance of course) We usually went to Copley Place in Boston or the Chestnut Hill Mall and often shopped until the stores locked their doors….now it is strictly a night to have dinner, unrushed conversation, and to reminisce about the old days…..this year we didn’t even leave our home town, but still, did not break tradition!

Some others I remember over the years:

  • As a young child, as well as with my children, watching ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ on TV, before the days of having the video.
  • As a teenager, attending the Armenian Annual Christmas Night Dance (dressed to the nines!).
  • Baking dozens of tiny Christmas cookies and storing them in decorative tins.
  • As a young mother, putting Hayley and Brad in their finest holiday outfits, then struggling to take the perfect photo for the Christmas card.
  • Hosting a formal Christmas Eve Open House featuring the richest eggnog ever!
  • Reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ – as a child, then to my children, now to Henry….

The years bring changes and some traditions change with time……I am no longer interested in baking dozens of cookies, but you better believe I enjoy reading Christmas stories and singing carols with little Henry…….

A festive night out with Hayley and Henry

New traditions often start without you realizing it….certain hotels/restaurants are extra special during the holiday season….the CityTable in the Lenox Hotel is one place we enjoy and recently brought along Hayley and Henry…the food is great, it is a relaxed atmosphere, and always beautifully decorated for Christmas…..

Photo on display of my little ones watching Rudolph!
Photo on display of my little ones watching Rudolph (1990)!

peter kiss While not a formal tradition, the Bristol Lounge in Boston is a place Peter and I like to go during the holiday season….we sit at the bar and enjoy the cast of characters in addition to the great food and drinks…(or maybe we are the characters??)…..

So many memories and emotions with traditions, some happy, some bittersweet….

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?  Please share, would love to hear!



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