A Tote Tale

As you know from my previous post, I have a black nylon Prada tote that originally belonged to Ginger.  When she purchased it for about one thousand dollars (must have been in late 1990’s) I was shocked at the cost, for a nylon tote???  Ok, fast forward to the present.  I love Prada. It’s lightweight, the perfect size, and comfortable to carry.  Very glad to have it.  But in the past two years it had not been ‘sparking joy’.  While it had no rips, it looked grimy and soiled to me, even without a specific stain. I tried washing it with a washcloth and soap, to no avail.   Finally I decided it was time for a new black tote – I had to let go of the sentimental attachment and let go of keeping a Prada that no longer looked great. My mind made up, I decided to check out Revolve before hitting Saks/Neimans…

With the Prada tote on my shoulder I barreled into the Belmont Center shop, announcing “I’m on a mission!”   Lisa Amato, the shop stylist, asked me what I was searching for and I shared my need.  There was a beautiful Fendi locked in their glass case, but not my style…I wandered the shop, found a pebbled leather tote, popped it on my shoulder and loved it instantly – nice leather, not too floppy, had an inside zipper, a good shape/size for me, and no designer logo – sometimes I really like that.  “It’s Zara”, Lisa said.  “ZARA??? Are you kidding??? ZARA???”  We both agreed that it looked like a pricey designer bag. FOR ONLY $29!!!   “Only twenty-nine dollars???” I repeated over and over again…”We can add some zeros if you prefer,” joked Lisa.  Very funny.  I’ll take it.

Like new – Ginger’s Prada tote

The tale continues:  Lisa looked at my Prada tote and suggested I try putting it in the washing machine, since it’s all nylon.  Really?  You think it will make a difference?  Well, why not try it, you have nothing to lose.  I put it in a mesh lingerie bag and into the wash it went, then hung it on a doorknob to dry.  Drum roll please…..Lo and behold, it came out looking FABULOUS! Almost like brand new.  Thank you Lisa, this was a double success story – now I have two great totes for optimal versatility.


Zara leather tote




Roomy zippered pocket
Roomy zippered pocket









Oh happy day! 🙂


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  • About 15 years ago, my friend gave me one of her Kate Spade tote bags. I think it was the first one she ever bought. It was gray and had developed some stains on it. When I decided to pass it on, I took it to the dry cleaners but they told me to get a sponge and use mild soap and a tiny bit of water to wash the spots, drying as I went along. It worked! It looked just like new! I was able to pass it on to a friend at work and she loves it!


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