Aging Disgracefully

No, that was not a typo. One term that I do not embrace – unlike Ginger – is ‘aging gracefully’.  To me that implies putting limitations/restrictions on what one should wear after a certain age.  It implies ‘giving up’ on looking great.  It suggests that after a certain age, you should let go of anything that suggests sexuality or standout style.  Pffft!  NFW.

This post is about a unique pair of  jeans.  Many of you may not like them, many of you may think they are only for the young set.  Well, they make me smile.  I enjoy wearing something this ‘over the top’.  Even if we disagree on the jeans, the message here is to make outfit choices based on what makes YOU smile, what puts an extra swing in YOUR step.  The hell with outdated rules.

I saw these ‘extreme ripped’ jeans this summer in the LF boutique in Harvard Square.  The brand is Carmar, never heard of it before.  LF is a shop of casual, funky, trendy clothes and accessories definitely geared to the young set – I was with my daughter, she dragged me in, and there was a tall, skinny twenty-something salesgirl wearing them.  Wow.  Now that’s taking distressed to a whole new level!   Do I dare?

Obviously I did!  This is one way I wore them during the summer, all white, head to toe – with a simple cropped cotton sweater, and white mid-heeled shoes…it’s a super edgy look, fun for a casual night out.

While the huge rips and holes create the standout style, there is no more skin exposed than if you were wearing shorts. The cotton sweater is conservative, so it nicely balances the wild jeans…a pewter leather clutch added a touch of sparkle and is the perfect size for a summer evening out…Oh, yeah – it’s not summer anymore. That’s ok, let’s style these jeans for fall…

Tucked away in a drawer with all my Wolford tights were a pair of lightweight footless leggings, bought many years ago but hardly ever worn. Putting them on under the jeans, it creates a whole different look, but just as edgy, and you won’t freeze!

Truth be told, my daughter gave me the idea. 😉

On the top, I chose a cropped cashmere turtleneck, exposing a teeny weeny peek of skin (more disgrace, haha).  With high waisted jeans such as these it’s best to either tuck in your top or choose one that hits just at or above the waist.  If you remember when these were called ‘mom jeans’, this style may be hard to revisit, but it’s definitely flattering to a curvy figure.

No need to stick to black or white shoes – these metallic copper booties added another component of color and texture.  And –  if you are heading to a cocktail party there’s nothing better than having your hands free for drinks and passed hors d’oeuvres – go for a cross body bag as seen here, or a slim belt bag (still hunting for one myself)…

The Bottom Line:

  • Wear what makes YOU smile.
  • Don’t ever ask “Am I too old for this?”
  • Be open to shopping in boutiques outside of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t put away your white jeans (ripped or not) for the winter.
  • Embrace your age and ignore old ‘rules’ of aging gracefully, even if they came from your mom.

OK, ladies, I’m ready for rebuttals!!!   Please leave comments!

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  • Not many could pull those jeans off as you do Candy! No rebuttal here.
    You’ve eliminated the box of limitations and are living as large as you choose. Great advise at any age!

  • Candy I love this look on you. It’s very avantgard! I adore my distressed jeans as well, however each pair is some shade of dark blue and not as destroyed as yours. Since reading your blog the past few years, you have challenged me to get out of my style comfort zone. As you said these jeans show no more than a pair of shorts. But the shorts I wear are Bermudas so holes at the knees is as wild as I can get.

  • I love it and I agree. I have ripped jeans and I love them, although mine are not quite as ripped. There’s something about them – I don’t know quite what is, but I love them! I love edgy and trendy clothes. If we don’t wear trendy or edgy, then I think we can look “matronly”.

    • So true! There are certain styles that look like they were made for ‘mature’ women – I call them ‘Nancy Reagan’ clothes – not for me, thank you! 😉


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