Identity Crisis

My daughter Hayley runs a branding, social media, and marketing business.  She often attends educational and networking events and recently invited me to join her at an event in Boston.  I was less than enthused but looked at it as a nice way to spend a whole Saturday with her, not shopping, and not managing the kiddos…might learn something valuable for my nursing company, might learn something about how to promote my raincoat…ok, so what will I wear?  When I told Hayley I was going to wear ripped jeans and a blazer, she said that’s what she was going to wear, so I needed a plan B…something casual but classy, understated but edgy.

A pleated black skirt with the sheer lace bottom was a good start, topped with a sleeveless white turtleneck.  Casual enough, yet classy. Now, how to give this an urban vibe, suitable for an afternoon with other bloggers? Frye boots!   Definitely a look I would not wear to work. 😉

Now is a good time to explain the ‘identity crisis’…here I was at an event with a group of women mostly younger than me.  Friendly millennials asking me, “What do you do?”  On a daily basis, I am the manager of a major nursing company than spans four states – but on this day Hayley suggested I lead with my new business as a raincoat designer.  Oh, and add this – I’m also with my daughter, so the main role that comes to my mind:  “I’m Hayley’s mother.”   Honestly, it was the oddest feeling – I didn’t know who the hell I was!

Oh, but I knew who the hell I was wearing!  Rag and Bone skirt, jacket by Zadig and Voltaire, a recent Revolve find…it’s a French brand that’s both classic and edgy – see the little pin on my lapel?  That’s a skull, and it came with the jacket.  How cute is that?

Here’s the mother/daughter duo – Hayley looking adorable in her ripped jeans, sequin top, and blush leather jacket.  Much to my surprise, the event was inspiring and informative…my head was spinning with ideas and I took so many notes that I literally ran out of paper.  And best of all, it was a wonderful day with my daughter, relating to each other in a ‘grownup’ way.

Heading home in an Uber…

Sometimes it’s good to leave your comfort zone.  While I did feel awkward about my ‘identity’, it was a fun change of pace and I left with new ideas about marketing strategies and branding details that truly make a difference.   Thank you Hayley!

For a peek at Hayley’s business, click here.    🙂


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