Eat the Damn Yolk!

The incredible, edible egg. Chock full of protein, they are a quick and easy meal or snack that can be prepared in a multitude of ways. One way that seems to be gaining more and more popularity is to forego the yolk and just eat the white, which has no fat and no cholesterol.  Egg white omelets, egg white sandwiches, etc…

I will pause here to say that if your physician suggests you limit egg yolks because of your high cholesterol, by all means skip the rest of this post! If not, read on…

Yes, the yolk contains 5 grams of fat, but that is a small amount of fat – it’s the bacon you want to skip. If you eliminate the yolk, you are missing out on vitamin A, B12, vitamin D, as well as calcium, folate, and omega-3s. Having the yolk also doubles your intake of selenium, which is a known mood booster.

I have another personal reason for liking the yolk – it tastes good!  Even though I am very health conscious and regularly limit carbs and sweets, I always want to enjoy my food.  This is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Recently while on business travel, there was an egg white frittata on the breakfast menu. Sounded interesting, why not give it a try?   I ordered it thinking it would be yummy and low calorie.  NEVER AGAIN.

Oh yeah, it definitely looked pretty, and the spinach was good – but the eggs: bland and tasteless.  Give me the whole egg:  scrambled, over easy, poached on avocado toast, anyway is good  – but only the WHOLE egg.   It’s still under 100 calories and ZERO points on Weight Watchers. ;-)

Life is short.  Enjoy every day.  Eat the damn yolk!  


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  • So true Candy! This brought back memories in High School when you would open your home packed lunch by Ginger I assume that often included a peeled , sliced, wrapped in foil adorable hard boiled egg!!!!

  • Candy, I am so with you. Yuck, on just egg whites, they have zero taste! My grandmother who lived to 94, ate an egg everyday. She had the most beautiful skin and she always said it was the egg she ate every morning that contributed to this.

  • And, you DON’T have to refrigerate the butter, it doesn’t spoil, just keep it out in a covered butter dish.

    • Really? That’s news to me. Good to know – I hate it when butter is rock hard.

      • When I tell my friends that fact, they always say, “Well, we can’t do that because we don’t use it up that fast.” Typically it’s a couple or a family with kids, and I reply that I’m only ONE person living alone and I use up the butter fast enough!


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