Try it, you’ll like it!

Have you ever said, “I would never wear that, “simply rejecting something because it was too different from your everyday style?  Of course!

Well, well, well. I am excited to share something I previously rejected, and you know it’s not this Burberry scarf…

Nor is it this Theory leather jacket that I have had for several years…

Who would reject a classic ‘sailor’ skirt by Ralph Lauren, or adorable white booties? Not me! ;-)

Here it is: a ‘thong’ bodysuit!     Surprised??

It is Wolford’s Colorado Thong Bodysuit, the color is ‘lipstick’…and it’s my first.  In the past I always rejected bodysuits thinking who would want to unsnap and snap their shirt every time you went to the bathroom?  Can’t be comfortable and what a pain in the neck!  I was wrong.

It was actually the owner of Revolve and her daughter who raved about them and suggested I give one a try – and no, this was not a Revolve purchase. 

It came from the Wolford shop in the Mall at Chestnut Hill – I tried it on and instantly LOVED how it felt and how it looked…the fabric is quite unique – super soft cotton on the inside, with a shimmery nylon on the outside…the turtleneck is generous but not tight…

But the real test: how would it be when I hit the restroom? It was a piece of cake! Not that I expected it to be difficult, but it was totally a non-issue…
The big advantage:  SMOOTH lines, no lumps and bumps, no coming untucked.

Other advantages:  Cozy comfortable.  Special enough to wear on its own, yet also looks chic under a blazer.  Comes in several different colors.  It’s glamorous, which is an unexpected twist on a typical turtleneck.  Dress it up or dress it down, super versatile.

Have you ever worn one?   Try it, you’ll like it!

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  • yes, wore those years ago and loved them…… i need to try one again…. love the no bumps or lumps….. nice thats is cotton inside and shiny outside.

    Thanks for the post and the reminder of why i once love them.


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