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July 2018

It’s time for pulling out the red, white, and blue, ladies! Not only does it display patriotism, it’s an excuse to wear fun, nautical styles with New England flair! Ginger was a huge fan of these colors, and especially on the Fourth of July wore them head to toe, mostly pieces by Ralph Lauren, often on the preppy side.

If your style is not preppy, no need to fret – you can still wear these colors in a sophisticated way all summer long. Above pic was taken a year ago as I headed to work in navy silk striped trousers and a red Wolford tee. Festive and chic at the same time! As for this year….

Started with a white ruched skirt by Nicole Miller…while it is form fitting, the ruching makes it very flattering and the stretch in the fabric makes it comfy! Topped with a navy silk tee by Vince.

Anything but preppy, right?

The red shrug is a unique piece found at Revolve earlier this year…it is a lightweight wool, and ‘just enough’ to combat chilly air conditioning. Remember, wool is not only for winter – light cashmeres and tropical weight wools can be worn year round…no, not to a BBQ when it’s 90 degrees…haha. Think working girl. Think cold office. ;-)

Off comes the shrug and the outfit is still cute…

Playful white and silver jewelry keeps in line with the casual vibe…

Suede and cork block heels do the same…

Working today but will be playing tomorrow!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Sing like no one is listening!!! ;-)

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  • Love this year’s outfit so much. The skirt is special but I think I could pull off those suede sandals even at my work! They look great and might be comfortable too.

    • Thanks! Actually the shoes are not as comfortable as I thought they would be when I bought them. After being in them awhile the front cuts into my wide feet; good for a limited amount of time only. Darn!


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