Balancing Act

009 If you want an outfit that stands out from the crowd and conveys your own personal style, it’s best to balance different looks…..wear head to toe from Ann Taylor and you will look bor-ing….maybe that’s a necessity for the courtroom, but elsewhere it’s uninteresting….wear all sweet and flowery, a bow tied at your neck, ballet flats – you look dated and timid……or conversely, wear a low cut, skin tight dress with six inch platforms and you will look trashy and not be taken seriously in the workplace….an outfit that is a ‘wow’  balances different looks….here I balance SWEET and SEXY, a perfect combination!  The blouse is a simple beige/blush silk from Ann Taylor…..for even more sweetness I added the black silk bow (found in NYC) because I am just obsessed with this French schoolgirl look….NOW – how about this fabulous skirt??? It is a pleated sheer wool by Rag and Bone that I found in the Runway section of TJMaxx!!!  It can be worn so many different ways, I want to wear it every week!  Love how it moves!fun skirt002



Oh, we can’t forget the shoes, but you have seen these before….Tabitha Simmons horse hair with round toes (comfy),  black suede block heels, and zippers up the back…..added a touch of edginess, don’t you think?  Found at Saks, definitely an ‘investment’ shoe…..

With the sexy skirt and the edgy shoes, I decided to wear soft makeup – especially since I was going to work….went for MOCHA lipstick by MAC with a sheer gloss on top….

close upThis outfit was definitely fun to wear, it made me feel good – this is the added bonus when you wear something you really love….013 Ooh! Ooh! More balancing!!! An edgy black leather jacket and an elegant Chanel bag…..

SWEET SEXY EDGY ELEGANT:  all balanced in one outfit!  What looks do YOU like to balance???

C’mon, it’s been quiet out there…..I would love to hear from you more!   Your ideas, your opinions – all feedback is always welcome!  🙂

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  • I follow your blog (I enjoy) and this is my first comment. I have to say, I love your makeup this post! I see you and not a face made up. You look beautiful! Love the skirt too

    • Thank you so much for your comment Bernadine! I like this makeup look too and have been doing it this way more often. I sometimes have a heavy hand for sure….

  • First, I LOVE the subdued suits you. Did you watch the Tonys last night? This was the look. The skirt is very pretty if a little daring for work even with the conservative top, on you the whole look is adorable.

    • Thanks Chris! Yeah, a bit daring….maybe better in NYC than Lexington!

  • I love reading your blog, you give me style inspiration! This outfit is perfect (especially the shoes) but your makeup is absolutely gorgeous!
    You look lovely!

    • Thank you Lori – it’s so nice to know that you (and others!) are reading and find it helpful and enjoyable…..that’s what gives me the incentive to continue writing….


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