Pant Perfection

007 Are you more of a skirt/dress person, or a pants person? Any why is that??? Personally, I like both, but find pants – primarily dress pants – more difficult to get just right in terms of fit and style….what I have had most luck with is avoiding the more mainstream styles that have pockets and belt loops, which often add bulk where you don’t want it….Theory silk ankle pants and Rag and Bone cropped flares are two recent faves of mine….and most recently, these fabulous ‘pull-on’ ankle pants I discovered in a boutique in Chatham….they are Tribal brand, not carried in your average mall shop, but check them out online…..tribal pants ‘Pull-on’ in this instance does not mean elastic waist old lady pants, nor does it mean leggings/yoga pants…the waistband is elastic, but a totally flat fit and very flattering….the fabric is a rayon/poly/spandex blend which is lightweight and comfortable, dressy enough for business attire, and………machine washable!

Flattering fit! No baggy butt, but not skin tight.
Flattering fit! No baggy butt, but not skin tight.

With the flat banded waist, tops look great on the outside, belted or not…you could also tuck or partially tuck in a shirt if it was not too bulky…..As for a jacket, wear a longer length which is a better balance with the fitted, slim style……How about shoes? Anything goes! With a straight leg ankle pant you can wear a flat, a kitten heel, or a higher heel  – if they were a flared bottom you would be limited and need to have them hemmed to a particular heel height…….Being petite, I always prefer a heel….013 This top is by JMcLaughlin, both belt and top were great finds at Revolve in Lexington – the top still had the original price tags on it!022
A linen scarf for a final pop of color!  Speaking of color, just about anything will work with these pants, which only adds to the ‘pant perfection’!

So back to the original question – are you more of a skirt/dress person or a pants person? These Tribal pants may change your mind…….:-)


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  • The “flat band” waist is called a “Contour waist”, and I think it is the best waistband style for any figure type. I’m also convinced the reason it isn’t used more is because the way it is cut from the fabric means there is way more wasted fabric then the straight band waist. But, I always look for the contour waist, and except for leggings, I WANT pockets.

  • Love the combination! You are really an expert at putting the pieces together. I would not have chosen the top because the print seemed too large, but with the cardigan, belt and scarf (especially the scarf–great and unexpected color), it’s perfect!
    I too prefer skirts, especially in summer, but have had good luck with pants in the Peace of Cloth line–fitted, nice, comfortable fabric, dressy enough for work and washable.

  • In the summer, I’m more of a skirt/dress person. It is so hot here (90 – 100 degrees with 70 or 80% humidity:( But when I do wear pants in the summer, it’s always linen. I know it looks like you just rolled out of bed because they wrinkle something awful – but they are so soft and comfortable.

    • I LOVE linen, actually have a post coming up on this very subject! The wrinkles are part of the character….:-)

  • love pants….. no waist… i have pair very similar that I picked up in Naples Florida a few years ago…. love them. Washable and lined…white Joseph Ribcoff.. have not been able to find anything like them since. I will check out the brand you mention here….. thanks


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