Dressing For a Bad Mood


Oh, yeah, we’ve all been there…..whether it’s in the morning getting ready for work, or after a stressful week, dressing for an evening out….UGH. There’s NOTHING I feel like wearing…..I don’t want to get dressed! But get dressed we must – we put on our ‘big girl panties’ and open the closet door…….what the heck to choose?  Here are five tips to get you started…

  1. Go for something tried and true.  No matter how old that blue wrap dress is, if you always feel good when you wear it, that’s a good choice. Your favorite black pants and your softest tee shirt?  Another good choice. Good ol’ dependable clothes are what you need.
  2. Be comfortable.  This is not the day to try and fit into your tightest jeans, the binding bra, or to wear the chunky necklace that weighs five pounds.  Choose something that you know is comfy, something that fits well even on a ‘bloated’ day…..can you say soft and stretchy???
  3. Avoid wearing something new. Have shoes or a new sweater that you haven’t worn yet?  Resist the temptation to think it will boost your mood….you could put a bad mood ‘curse’ on the new piece and you will always associate the new item with feeling lousy.  Read #1 again.
  4. Low mood, low heels.  Dolly Parton was once quoted to say that when she feels low she puts on her highest heels to feel better. Well, not this gal. For me, to wear high heels you need a certain positive energy to properly strut your stuff.  A mid-heel or a flat is more conducive to stomping around when you feel like strangling someone…..
  5. Stick to neutral colors. Yeah, yeah, some say to wear red or bright colors to brighten your mood. HA! No way sista….just like high heels, the energy for hot pink or lemon yellow needs to start inside……and who wants to draw attention to themselves when you are in such a mood? A colorful accent (see below) is enough for me…..

How about YOU?  What do you wear when you are cranky?  (Hopefully only on rare occasion!)

Stressed out on a recent Saturday afternoon, wearing a very old, comfortable striped dress and sneakers. ARGH!

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  • Wow! This is definitely a different look for you, but I COMPLETELY get it! Sometimes you have to be yourself!

  • Love the rules for “bad mood dressing”. I will take them to heart. I also love your outfit in this post. I have those exact sneakers and a dress that’s navy with white stripes almost like that. I haven’t worn them together but now I think I will!


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