Pop O’ Pink

Beluva blouse
Beluva blouse

Even though I often say “variety is the spice of life”, when it comes to clothes I tend to stick with certain styles and colors and sometimes need a push to try something different……this blouse is the result of a push from my daughter….on our recent weekend away at The Chatham Bars Inn, we were poking around the hotel gift shop when I decided to try this on…I liked the crinkly taffeta fabric and thought it would be nice for business casual in the summer…..the fit was perfect and the pink collar and cuffs good with my coloring…..”It looks great, and looks like nothing you already have!”, my daughter said…..”Get it!”……Ok. I’ll take it……fast forward a week later: “Why did I buy that blouse??? It’s not me! It’s too preppy.”  to which daughter replies: “Not the way you will wear it, mom.”  🙂010 The way the blouse fits it begs to worn on the outside, creating a peplum effect….perfect over a simple white pencil skirt…..To add some western bling (and waist definition) I added the camel belt and carried a Michael Kors ‘tootsie roll’ handbag…..for a touch of sex appeal, pointy toed navy suede pumps.silver necklace 2 A simple sterling choker and simple stud earrings……..044 Do you think this looks preppy? It certainly isn’t an edgy/urban look! By adding the belt and wearing the pumps, it felt like sophisticated preppy, not dowdy preppy…office gal
At work, with collar popped up – gotta show the pop o’ pink!

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  • LOVE this shirt! Having the pleasure of working with you and seeing all your fabulous outfits on a regular basis, I will admit, this is one of my absolute favorites!!!!!!.


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