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November in New England
October 2013, photo by Kerry Goodwin

Hard to believe it is approaching four years since I entered the world of blogging after much encouragement from my daughter and technical assistance from hubby.  What is a blog?  How do I set it up? When will I find the time?  Well, with their support I eventually figured it out and have been posting twice a week (almost without fail) while holding a demanding full time job.  It has turned into a very fulfilling hobby. People I run into often surprise me with their questions about it, so I thought it would be interesting to share…

Who takes your pictures?  When I first started I hired a professional photographer (see above photo) who took multiple outfit shots in one afternoon.  The logistics of that were clearly not sustainable. Expense, scheduling, planning, etc… I needed a way to take pictures on a weekly basis when an outfit suddenly inspired me.  Crazy as it sounds, I take all my own pictures using a SONY camera with face recognition and a tripod.  It usually takes about twenty shots to get four or five good ones.

Why do you always take your pictures in the same place?  Since time is an issue, shooting at home is most convenient, and my kitchen cabinets provide the best neutral background. Most of the time pics are taken in the morning, as I am headed to work or off to run Saturday errands.  Yes, it would be cool to have a professional taking the pics in more interesting settings, but it’s just not practical for the time being.

When do you find the time to write the posts? When you have a passion for something you will find the time to fit it in your life.  In the evenings or on a Sunday afternoon, I will take a couple of hours to ‘blog’. It involves choosing then editing pictures, writing the content, then going back and editing the content to get the words right. What I have discovered over the years is how much I enjoy writing and what a difference word choice can make. Once a post is complete I usually save it for a later date.  I like to have at least three or four complete and ready to publish so if I am crazy busy with life I still can post twice  week.

Where do you get your inspiration for posts?  Every single day I am inspired by the world around me.  Whether in the Boston area or in my frequent travels to NYC, everyone and everything catches my eye – the good, the bad, the elegant, the outrageous!  I love to get ideas from observing others.  Often a post will simply be my outfit of the day, because these are the least time consuming for me. My intention is that there is always something to learn and valuable tips, not just ‘see how cute I look.’   Sometimes I get ideas from my daughter or subscribers who make a request.  (Please send your ideas!)

Do you make money through your blog? Not a nickel.  It actually costs me money as I pay a monthly fee for the WordPress site. Perhaps in the future I will pursue ways to turn this into a money making venture, but for now, strictly a hobby.

How often do you go shopping?  On average, probably once a week – more serious shopping during the change of seasons.  Not every shopping expedition results in purchases, sometimes it’s fun just to check out what turns up at Revolve or to see what’s on sale at Bloomies.

What are your favorite shops?  Oh boy, so many!  Revolve consignment boutiques for sure, Saks Fifth Avenue for shoes, Rag and Bone for jeans and other casual wear…Portobello Road in Chestnut Hill for unique pieces, Wolford for stockings and basic tops, Mackage (NYC) for coats…Calypso for bohemian casual wear…Anne Fontaine for white blouses…Bloomingdales for everything!

Other tidbits: 

  • Unless traveling, I am not one to plan my outfit the night before.  Instead it is decided in the morning after multiple checks on the weather and what my mood dictates.
  • It is very exciting when I receive comments on posts – regardless of what the comment is.  When there are few to no comments I start to think that nobody is reading, or nobody is enjoying, so maybe I should stop blogging.  Please leave a brief comment now and then!Glad to answer any other questions and/or hear your ideas for future posts. 🙂

    Blogging on a recent Sunday evening
    Blogging on a recent Sunday evening


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  • Candy, always a treat to get an email directing me to your new post. I wonder for future thoughts if you might offer tips on up cycling clothing to help women who are trying to work their way into the job market. Maybe even styling those pieces to show how to stretch a budget. Another idea, the college interview tour, moms and daughters what to wear. Weekend in a bag, different weekends maybe NYC, reunion, family wedding, girls get together. Thanks. K

  • Candy, you are a very creative and artistic fashion guru, as well as a beautiful model. Thanks for sharing your gift. Rock on!

  • Please do not stop I look for your blog every week gives me great ideas for my workplace and fun. You always look fabulous would love to shop your closets Your advice is always helpful

    • Thank you so much! Greatly appreciate your comment – nice to know people enjoy it.

  • Loved reading this article about behind the scenes of your blogging. For the last year I have wanted and been encouraged to start my own blog and change up my IG account to cater towards 60+ women for fashion, health, fun.

    • Forgot that I wrote this post – glad that you found it helpful! I may not have the most interesting pics in terms of background/setting, but my content is ever evolving and it’s still fun. You should do it! 🙂


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