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At the end of a mini-vacation in the Hamptons, we spent the last two hours in Sag Harbor, a remarkably quaint and upscale Long Island town with wonderful restaurants, stunning scenery,and best of all, unique boutiques! As Peter meandered through town with a cup of coffee, I dashed around to the shops, making the most of my limited time.  With great efficiency I found a few fun items, one of which is in the Henry Lehr bag – I bought Birkenstocks!  

Let me start by saying that while it’s obvious that I am not an ‘earthy/crunchy’ dresser, I have always admired Birkenstocks when worn by glamorous women with a carefree attitude.  With that said, while I admired them, I didn’t really want them –  until I saw these.  “They just came in; a new style!”, the saleswoman said.  With one wide strap instead of the traditional two, and the large shiny gold buckles, I was instantly enamored!  Yes, these I want – these I can see myself wearing with a variety of outfits…..and so it goes…

On a warm summer Saturday afternoon, who says you can’t look completely feminine and still have happy feet?  White cotton halter top is many years old, the black nylon skirt is by DVF, found at Revolve.  Straw hat is by San Diego Hat Company, from at Everything But Water…

For the times when you want to be very casual but still stylish? How about a maxi dress with Birks?

Found this dress years ago at Bessie Blue in Belmont Center…years later I am still finding new ways to wear it.  Comfy as a nightgown, it clearly has pizazz, and it’s easy to throw on when you are pressed for time.  Adding the denim jacket pulls the relaxed look together…

And finally, most casual of all, worn with white denim shorts…

Yeah, I cut off my feet in this last picture, but you get the idea…Lucky Brand shorts, a Splendid cotton sweater, Ginger’s Ralph Lauren belt…while it is very casual it is still ‘put together’.

SOOO Ladies! What do you think??? Would YOU wear Birkenstocks???


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  • I just gave away TWO pairs of Birkenstocks!! One pair was closed toe and one pair had 3 straps. I bought them years ago and tried to wear them, but they just weren’t my style. But I would wear yours. So cute!

  • Love them… the one’s you bought !
    Stylish… and comfortable …win win


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