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When you are headed out to dinner on a hot summer night, what are you most likely to wear? A sundress? A skirt? A top that bares some skin? All of these are great for sure, but do you ever consider a long sleeved shirt with long pants or jeans? Trust me, it can be instant ‘standout style’, especially since you will not see it on most women… The shirt and jeans in these pics both came from Calypso, a shop that sadly went out of business earlier this year. No worries, you can easily create this look with other brands…a lightweight linen shirt paired with super skinny waxed cotton jeans. To avoid looking frumpy, decide whether you want tight/fitted jeans or prefer a loose, relaxed fit. Go loose or go tight, but in-between is frumpy! Another tip to avoiding the frump factor when all covered up is to wear a heel!  These tan booties add a southwestern feel while elongating the legs! What else contributes to the standout style? Bold accessories of course! I piled on a mix of beaded bracelets with silver bangles, then went for the ‘wow factor’ with this aqua necklace. It is lightweight, made of fabric, found a year ago at Roller Rabbit…it came in different colors and was not more than $30 – I wish I had bought more!

It’s very long and you can wear it as a choker or a long necklace…fun and versatile!

A good ol’ Louis Vuitton clutch for classic luxury…

Then the final glam touch: oversized mirrored aviators by Quay. (The lenses are bright silver, did not show in the pic).

Feelin’ pretty darn cool if I say so myself!   There’s something to be said about a great outfit that isn’t overtly sexy – no cleavage, no bared shoulders, no short skirt.  HOT in a different way, right?   😉


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  • LOVE this outfit on you! But that necklace though- – – that’s the cherry on the sundae!

  • Great post! Also helps protect against excess UV rays hahaha.
    It is nice for those moments when you just wanna be a lil more covered up but still summery.


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