Corona Casual

Another day at the office…commuted down the stairs from our bedroom to my designated working space in the kitchen…dressed in what now is somewhere between business casual and simply casual – what the heck, it’s a beautiful spring day, time for a lighter look…

The jeans are ‘Mother’ brand, in off white, the navy/white linen sweater is by Michael Stars…where’s my scarf you say?

No darn scarf today! Instead, a fun, casual blazer by Miller Wendt… I generally wouldn’t wear a traditional blazer at home, but this is a cozy cotton, almost a cross between a sweatshirt and a blazer…

With camel leather JSlides, it’s a perfect balance of polish and comfort. Yes, polish even when working from home.

When the work day is done, off comes the belt, off comes the jewelry, off comes the bra! Then the big decision of the day: tequila or wine? I’m still doing a good job of watching the calories with food and snacks, but it’s hard not to reach for that cocktail at day’s end…

At least I’m staying away from sweets! (Hahaha, this is not real chocolate…)

Until next time…stay home, stay safe, stay stylish. đŸ˜‰

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