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Social distancing continues as we enter the month of April…if you haven’t already, it’s time to make peace with this and find your ‘new normal’ life, which will be at least for another few weeks…

We can do this. We will get through this. This is not forever.

What amazes me is that days are passing by fairly quickly…in my case it could be because I am very busy working from home…I have not really had much extra time to watch movies and read because after dinner (yeah, and tequila) I usually crash…

Getting dressed each morning in a stylish casual outfit gives me a positive outlook, and a feeling of control…here I paired my satin joggers with a black wool sweater and fashion sneakers…

I usually keep a lightweight scarf handy in case I’m chilly, and I wear understated jewelry to feel ‘finished’…

Working from home outfit

Three weeks ago when this all started I could not imagine posting about any outfits during this pandemic, and horrors, never with a smile on my face…well, here I am. What changed, you ask? Well, we are still all wearing clothes, aren’t we? Regardless of how informal you are, we all are wearing clothes of some kind.   In good times or in bad, I feel an innate calling to help people see the value of dressing well.

In terms of my smiling face in pics: Clothes make me happy. For me to deliberately not smile when showing an outfit would be fake. Believe me, it does not mean that I’m smiling all day long, that is far from the truth…

The weeks ahead will not be easy. So whether it’s clothes, music, cooking, or something else, let’s remember to hold onto the things that bring us a bit of joy, whatever they may be…

What are the two top things that are helping YOU to get through each day?

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  • The days are flying by for me! Both my husband and I are working from home. I am zooming with my kindergarten language students and their parents, with colleagues, and administrators. I’m trying to walk more miles each day to reach my goal of 5. So far I haven’t had cabin fever. And…spring seems here to stay!


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