020Why not add a little more excitement to our dynamic political race?  A mature woman with a background in healthcare and a love of patriotic music!  Hahahaha……Well, don’t I look the part?  Dressed well enough for any convention, any interview, any political debate!

Ok, all kidding aside, this is my current ‘power’ outfit.  This is what I will wear to an important business meeting, to an interview, to anywhere where I want to portray an image of seriousness, confidence, polish, and power.  When I put this on, it affects how I feel, I gain a ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude.  Everyone should have a power outfit.  Something that is simple, classic, of high quality fabric, and a perfect fit.028
It starts with a simple black sheath, this one by Theory, found at Nordstroms….a tropical weight wool blend with a touch of lycra for added comfort….my shoe choice is a two-toned pump from Ann Taylor….for the very reasonable price they have a remarkably high end look and are VERY comfortable….black or nude patent would also be a nice option….009The real treasure of this outfit is this AKRIS yellow jacket (which looks even better in person)….AKRIS is a high end label carried at Saks, Neimanns, Bergdorf’s – you get it – but – where did I get it? At a consignment shop! Found it at my first time visiting Madison Ave of Melrose, in Melrose, MA…it’s a tiny shop packed tight with racks of clothing, scarves, belts, and jewelry……the vibrant color, simple lines, and fine fabric of this jacket attracted me – when I tried it on it was a no brainer – perfect fit and perfect for work.014 A ‘power outfit’ can be all neutrals (black, navy, gray) or can be a vibrant color (red, yellow, bright blue)….what is most important is the simplicity of the style, the clean lines, the fit….a power outfit will not have ruffles, will not have a fussy pattern, will not be long and loose, and will not be over accessorized….bracelet ring Stay clear of  layered bracelets, fun ‘bling’, and statement necklaces – choose simple jewelry so the statement is YOU.012 Don’t underestimate the value of your ‘power outfit’…..especially when you are meeting someone for the first time, it creates a strong message and is your only opportunity to make a positive first impression….additionally, the power outfit also affects your behavior – with the right outfit, you will feel more confident, walk with your head held high, and speak with conviction.

Ready to join the Costas campaign???  😉

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  • I love your power outfit. Your jewelry is just enough and doesn’t look like what everyone is wearing. Lovely.
    I would vote for you!!


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