Dressing Henry

Much like Ginger, my preference for children’s clothing is classic….classic and comfortable…..not mini versions of adult clothes, and not a walking ad for any brand, character, or sports team…just sayin’…..028henry1henry2As you can see in above pics, my daughter and son-in-law dress Henry in adorable classic garb from a variety of places….and of course Gigi (that’s me!) enjoys splurging on items when there’s a particular need or an item I just can’t resist…..

On a recent Saturday afternoon I assisted very pregnant daughter Hayley in going through Henry’s clothes to weed out what no longer fits….it was also an opportunity to see exactly where all items were kept for when Papou and I take Henry for a few nights upon baby sister’s arrival…….

Mickey Mouse shirt – still fits…..Nebraska Huskers shirt – still fits…..Minions shirt – still fits…..another Nebraska Huskers shirt – still fits….Bruins shirt – still fits……”Uhh, Hayley….where are his basics?  Where are his solid polos?”…….Gigi’s jaw drops to the floor when she learns that there are no basics, that dad (the primary shopper these days) has more fun buying character clothes.  Well.  This will never do.  For the upcoming days out and about with Gigi and Papou, Henry must have the right clothes!  OFF I GO………..003


At Hayley’s recommendation I started at The Children’s Place…..almost walked out as soon as I stepped inside, but admittedly it was great for basics…..bought all three polos for $24, where at JCrew they would have been $29 each.  Smart Gigi.




Ok, now that we have a few basics, time to hit JCrew…..could not resist the faded red teeshirt, and LOVE the navy/cream stripes…



005 Last stop of the day was Janie and Jack….for  dinner out with Papou and Gigi, gotta have a resort oxford shirt!  The palm tree design will look cute with his madras shorts….

Ok.  Now Gigi can breathe.  Now Hayley can have her baby.  We can handle a few days at least…..if it turns into more, Papou will take us all shopping!


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  • Candy that’s so funny…I am like you when it comes to dressing littles (though I always thought one or two sports or character shirts were cute, but NEVER when going out. I love Janie and Jack and they are having a HUGE sale right now. As for this new little arriving soon, I splurged at the Lily Pad in Mashpee Commons. Very classic.

    • Love The Lily Pad!!! Smocking on cotton dresses to die for! If I remember correctly, they also carry your kitchenware…..


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