Crop Tops

You have probably noticed lots of crop tops this summer, especially on young gals out and about on the weekend…many women over 40 and certainly over 50 might think they are just that: for the ‘young gals’. My goal here is to convince you – with only one photo – that they can work at any age as long as you pay attention to a few details…

  1. Choose the right bottom. Your jeans, trousers, shorts, or skirt must be high-waisted. If you want to feel more covered up, choose a bottom that is VERY high waisted, where your navel is completely covered.
  2. Choose a crop top that is longer in length. Some crop tops may be brief, but many actually end at your waist, so just a peek of skin is exposed.
  3. Choose a simple style. The more basic, the better. No need for glitz or ruffles, wearing a crop top is statement enough. Free People and Susana Monaco are great brands to start with.
  4. Keep the bottom of your outfit more conservative. It’s all about balance.
  5. Wear a jacket. A loose-fitting blazer or a denim jacket over a crop top gives you a more conservative look that still is fun.

This orange crop top is by Susana Monaco…it is loose fitting with a built-in shelf bra…the jeans are high waisted boot cut by Citizen’s of Humanity…

Some of you might be thinking, easy for me to promote crop tops because I’m slim. True. Crop tops are not suited for every body type, since they do accentuate your ‘middle’ – each woman should decide for herself whether this style suits them or not. My point however: don’t walk away because of your AGE. It’s absolutely ok to wear sexy styles if that’s what you like – it’s how you style them that determines whether you look cheesy or not, and cheesy can happen at ANY AGE. ;-)

Who out there is up for wearing a crop top?

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