Date Night 2020, Take Two

Date night, the summer of 2020…trying our best to enjoy life – and be amongst people – beyond our backyard. As nice as our home/yard may be, it makes sense to have a change of scenery now and then. But before getting to where we went, let’s see what I wore!

No black, no boots, no jeans, no leggings, no sneakers! There will be plenty of days ahead to wear all that, but not many days left to wear a cherry red cotton dress! The brand is Derek Lam 10 Crosby, bought on sale earlier this year at Bloomingdales, never worn before…

And while it would also look cute with booties or a more casual shoe, this gal needed a night in HEELS! But, you ask, were we going somewhere ‘fancy‘? HELL NO! We we were going to a PUB…but who cares!

The Blackhorse Tavern in Winchester, a casual place with good food and lively atmosphere…especially on Friday nights when they have live music!

They do not take reservations, so it’s first come, first serve…we wanted indoor dining and because I preferred to sit in the bar area, we had about a twenty minute wait…

Peter was a good sport. As usual.

Finally we got seated – in the bar area – actually at a table abutting the bar! Service was good, people were laughing, and the music upbeat…drinks were served quickly and they were good and strong!

One observation I must share – most people were dressed for ‘watching outdoor sports’ – though there are obviously no games to be watched…fleece, gym sneakers, baggy jeans – c’mon people, even in a pub, can’t you kick it up a bit on a weekend night??? Ok, I digress…;-)

The menu offered plenty of healthy options in addition to traditional pub food…we had a bit of both…

So – date night #2 was surely an improvement over our first try at The Capital Grille…better energy, and a much livelier atmosphere…YET…

The Bottom Line:

Pandemic ‘date nights’ may be a lost cause for us. :-0 Yeah, we tried, yeah, we’re smiling, but it wasn’t really fun. Everyone’s idea of fun is different, and for us it has always been about the amusement of socializing with others, never sitting at a table for two…we honestly have more fun at home, dancing in the kitchen and/or binging on Netflix…so who knows what’s next! Time will tell…

How about YOU? Have you enjoyed any date nights? What do YOU consider a fun evening???

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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