The Beauty Bone

It’s no surprise when one admires a toned stomach or a firm bottom, but have you ever admired a woman’s collarbone, also called the clavicle? I do! When I looked it up online recently it was interesting to read that it is often referred to as “the beauty bone” and it is the only long bone in the body that lies horizontally. Cool!

Now I don’t feel like a total weirdo when I see gals in Instagram pics and and gaze upon their collarbones! Haha…

Such as this popular blogger, Lucy…:-)

Ok, now let’s get on to my outfit, inspired by the love of the clavicle!

Loving this black linen sweater with a slouchy boat neck…found recently at one of my favorite shops, The Hive, in Winchester Center…the brand is Stateside…

A top like this may not jump out at you in a boutique, next to more ‘showy’ colors and styles, but it is tops like this that you will wear to death! It can be worn more dressed up with a satin skirt, casual with jeans, layered under leather…

For a laid back ‘working from home’ look, a simple white denim skirt with sneakers was just right…

And keeping with a more conservative, business frame of mind: small gold hoops…

If I were wearing this out in the evening, two simple changes would transition the look to ‘ready for fun’!

1 – Statement earrings and 2 – High heels! But really, it’s all about ‘the beauty bone’! 😉

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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