Fall Fashion 2020

Well, ladies, have you started fall shopping yet, either online or in person?This year’s fall shopping takes a bit of a different approach…we certainly have fewer places to go but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a wardrobe update…speaking for myself, I have been focused on finding more relaxed stylish pieces, things that would work with a lower heel, a boot, or even a sneaker…things that will blend in with pieces I already own…

Before I went on the hunt for new items, I did a major purge and recycled lots of things that no longer ‘sparked joy’…handbags, blazers, skirts, dresses – goodbye forever…hope you find a new home and spark joy for someone else! With a less cluttered closet, it will be much easier to get dressed each day, and easier to know what to shop for…

Here are a few newly purchased items and why I bought them:

Two items here, both FAB! The down ‘vest’ is by Cotes of London…I am generally not a fan of vests, but this is clearly not your average NorthFace…it reminds me of the luxury Herno brand but at a much lower price point…it will be a nice alternative to a sweater or blazer, either when dressed casually or more dressed up…it can be layered over a denim jacket, or worn with a skirt – lots of fun layering options! (FYI, it also comes in other colors)

These faux leather pants are fun too! The brand is Commando, and they are available in full length flares or cropped flares as seen here…with a cropped leg you can wear them with sneakers, high heels, or booties…with the full length style you are limited to a heel…(these booties are Rag and Bone, last years)…

I must warn you that it is a hilarious workout to get these pants on, but once on they are very comfortable…;-)

Both pieces came from my new favorite boutique, The Hive in Winchester…the owner, Kathleen Costello, makes your shopping experience so much fun you never want to leave! She carries a nice variety of styles for all ages and in a wide range of price points…the silk velvet shirt in this pic is from Revolve in Belmont, as you know, another great place to shop!

This shirt may not look so special, but trust me, it is…Majestic brand, super soft and perfect for ‘WFH’! The belt is calf hair (Brave brand) in a good width to make a statement yet still is comfortable…both pieces from The Hive…faux suede skirt is an oldie from Wolford…

Yessiree, here’s the vest again! I am officially obsessed…

Which is a good thing! When you buy something that is different from what you normally wear, you are taking a risk that you might not love it…I certainly have made some bad choices in the past, but this is not one of them!

Have you done any fall shopping yet? Do tell! 🙂

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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