Decision Free Dressing

Do you know someone who wears pretty much the same thing every day? Maybe it’s tailored trousers, flats, and a blazer every day?  Maybe it’s all black every day or sheath dresses every day. For men, maybe it’s khakis and a blue or white shirt – every day.  Ugh, does not sound like fun!  Well, it’s actually not usually done to be fun.  Many politicians and senior business people actually dress this way partly to make a statement, but more so to eliminate the decision of what to wear – allowing them to use their brain energy to focus on more important decisions.

Supposedly the simple act of making decisions all day limits your ability to make future decisions – I get that!  After a long day at work, if Peter asks me where I want to go for dinner, even offering a few choices, I often say, “I can’t decide anything right now – you just pick and take me.”    This is a phenomenon called ‘decision fatigue’.  (I didn’t make it up!)  By limiting your wardrobe choices, and even making consistent choices about what you eat and when you exercise, you can free your brain for things that may change the world…

Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder was known to always wear a black turtleneck, Levis, and New Balance sneakers. 




Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO (and billionaire) of Theranos is also known to wear black turtlenecks – with black blazers – all the time.




Hmmm.  I’m not in.  Like everything in life, to me, it’s about balance.  A pared down wardrobe that expresses your personal style certainly makes sense.  But the same thing every day?  Some say it shows confidence, to me it shows insecurity, as if you are hiding yourself, afraid to show your personality.  Or –  it shows you simply don’t care about how you look. (Some obviously don’t!)

Maybe billionaires can get away with it, but if a regular guy dressed like Steve Jobs??? Eww. Very unappealing.  Unless you were headed to a ballpark, wouldn’t think this look would make a good impression anywhere.  

Decision free dressing is possible without wearing the same thing every day!  It requires planning and purchasing separates in advance; items that are comfortable, colors that you love, styles that flatter you, pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.  Even accessories can be decision free if you stick to classics and stop trying to be different or overly styled.  If I posted pics of myself every day you would see many repeats: pencil skirts, sheath dresses, fitted blazers, lots of camel, black and white…for accessories you would also see many repeats: small gold hoop earrings and Burberry scarves are two of my staples.

Basics! White sheath, black blazer, Burberry scarf, classic two toned shoe

This outfit did not take up much morning brain energy to coordinate! Started with a simple sheath dress then only needed to choose a jacket and shoes.    Invest the time in advance to have the right basics in your closet and the decisions will be much simpler day to day.  I think it’s worth it.  DO YOU???


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  • Yes I think it is worth it . Putting some outfits for the week , mix & match takes no effort at all. It’s all about how you want to present yourself . My mother always said to always go out of the house looking fabulous and remember that lipstick too.

    • We remember what our mothers told us, and also how they looked when they went out – my mother too, always with lipstick! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Annette!

  • I take time to pick out my clothes the night before. I check the weather so I know what shoes to wear and then (if I’m being honest) it’s usually slim ankle pants, a cable sweater, and Cole Haan loafers. I do throw in a dress or skirt once a week for variety, and Fridays I wear dark washed jeans, a cotton blouse and blazer. For the record, I love every one of your Burberry scarves!

    • Sounds like you have a routine which definitely is a time saver! Thanks for being a regular commenter on my blog! 🙂


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