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Black top (Chalet) bought in boutique on Cape Cod
Black top (Chalet) bought in boutique on Cape Cod

Another long, hard week at work…regular workouts at the gym…helping my pregnant daughter coordinate a move to her new home….planning a baby shower…deciding on Easter dinner….finally it is 6:00 – a glass of wine in hand and contemplating with hubbie where to grab a bite for dinner…..decided on a local bar/seafood restaurant in Harvard Square….so what to wear? Comfy casual – anything – it doesn’t matter I am exhausted???…. NOPE. No way!!
Comfy for sure, but life is short, and I say go for the drama whenever possible! This rayon top is loose and light (goodbye bra, nice knowin ya!…) comfy coated jeans that have a leather look, and Cordani booties that are both sexy and comfortable (even with bunions). Giant rhinestone hoops (also found at a shop on the Cape) complete the diva look.

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Cordani suede booties
Cordani suede booties

Found these great shoes a few years ago at Pilgrim’s Progress, a European boutique in Plymouth…they were originally greenish/gray, and over the years got scuffed up and looked worn. To give them a new look I took them to my cobbler and had him spray them black – and now if they need touching up I use my own black spray suede renew. Added years to a great “investment” shoe.

Looking glamorous need not be tight clothes and painful stilettos! Showing just a bare shoulder with bold earrings is a simple way to look age appropriate sexy for the over 50 set…..would you wear this???

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